Pull & Bear Phyllis for Her fragrance review

pull & bear phyllis for her perfume fragrance review affordable eau de toilette

In 2021, I got a kick out of trying out cheaper, more affordable fragrances and perfumes. ZARA was the brand I tried most, but there was one fragrance I really wanted to get my hands on. Say hello to Phyllis for Her by Pull & Bear. Pull & Bear is a clothing brand that is part of the Inditex family, like ZARA, Mango, Bershka and Stradivarius. Some of those brands also sell fragrances and Pull & Bear did too. By now, I can’t find their fragrances on the website anymore and also when I bought this I struggled to buy it. But I got my hands on it and there was a very particular reason why I wanted to own this. Let me explain…

Fragrance review: Phyllis For Her Eau de Toilette

So let me just explain why I really wanted to own Phyllis for Her. This is listed as a dupe for one of my favorite all time favorite perfumes: Love Chloé by Chloé. That one was sadly discontinued and you can no longer find it. This wouldn’t just be a dupe, but you also get 100ml for €17.99. So it is a lot more affordable than the Chloé one was. And that was my main motivation for hunting this down. I just couldn’t live without that one and now that I own this, I felt comfortable using up my Love Chloé which is what I did last year.

What does this fragrance have to offer?

pull & bear phyllis for her perfume fragrance review affordable eau de toilette

This is still listed on Fragrantica, but the scent notes aren’t listed on there. I am not sure whether it ever was, but therefore I will just be comparing this to the Chloé fragrance. This definitely smells similar! I don’t think it smells exactly the same and it doesn’t last as long. This feels like a lighter, fresher version of Chloé that is great for everyday. It’s slightly less powdery and old lady-ish than the fragrance it dupes and therefore I almost find this wearable. It’s definitely one that you can just whack on and no one will find this too offensive.

What are some downsides to this fragrance?

pull & bear phyllis for her perfume fragrance review affordable eau de toilette

This fragrance doesn’t last long, nor does it still seem to be available. Pull & Bear currently doesn’t list any fragrances on their website anymore. Also when I bought this, it was already harder to get. I had know about this dupe since 2020 but whenever I was in store, the fragrance was never there. So in the end I got it online. However, since fragrance cannot be shipped by plane due to its flammable qualities, this could only be delivered to the store where I could then pick it up. A bit of a hassle, but for the price point it really is a lovely fragrance that is great for a day time perfume that is not too offensive, but you may need to reapply it halfway through the day.

My final thoughts

While I love the Pull & Bear Phyllis for Her Eau de Toilette, I know I won’t repurchase this. It seems to be discontinued, but I have found that I have sort of moved on from this type of fragrance as well. As I couldn’t buy the Chloé fragrance again, I hunted down other fragrances that I felt would give me a similar vibe and I found that Dior Homme Original EDT is my pick for a replacement of the Chloé. Not because it smells the same, but the feeling I get when I wear it is very similar. Now that has been reformulated as well it seems, and I haven’t smelled the new version yet, but I may have to hunt down a different bottle of that rather than getting my hands on this again.

Would I recommend Pull & Bear Phyllis for Her?

As far as affordable fragrance goes, I think this is a good one. I would still go for a ZARA fragrance over this though as I feel they have more choice and Jo Malone is one of the creators of some of the lines. For fact: ZARA actually did a dupe in their women fragrance line that is very similar to the Dior one I mentioned above, so also ZARA brings out a lot of affordable versions of more expensive fragrances. I am still holding out hope ZARA will bring that back and I would buy that over this any time.

What is your favorite more affordable dupe of an expensive perfume?

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  1. Hi 🙂 Where did you purchase the Phyllis perfume? I can’t seem to find it anywhere but it’s my signature scent! So desperate to find it

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