Swatching blue/ green/ purple singles

swatching swatch party blue green purple single eyeshadow palette nabla sydney grace colourpop anastasia beverly hills coloured raine devinah juvia's place

In today’s video we will be taking a closer look at my blue/ green/ purple palette. This custom palette I built a few years ago as I felt there weren’t many blue/ green/ purple palettes on the market. And after trying lots of different colors, I felt that those were the most flattering for me. So I decided to build one myself! It wasn’t perfect and I have been taking out and adding new shadows over the past few years. Now I need to reacquaint myself with these lovely shades. These singles are by many different brands and in this video I am swatching out each one individually. So if you were looking into these shades, you may be able to find something you like.

Swatch Party // Blue/ Green/ Purple single eyeshadow palette ft. Sydney Grace, Nabla, ABH & more

Products mentioned:

  • Nabla Babylon
  • Sydney Grace Thrilled
  • Coloured Raine Forbidden
  • Sydney Grace Siren Call
  • Sydney Grace Star Fish
  • Sydney Grace Levy
  • Juvia’s Place Egypt (Nubian 2 – repressed)
  • Sydney Grace Commissioner
  • Nabla Pegasus
  • Sydney Grace Winter Garden
  • Nabla Lilac Wonder
  • Nabla Eresia
  • Sydney Grace Sweetheart
  • Sydney Grace Magic Act
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Enchanted
  • Sydney Grace Awake
  • Devinah Remi
  • Sydney Grace Pandora
  • Sydney Grace Deliverer
  • Sydney Grace Lovely Lavender
  • Sydney Grace Green Mist
  • Nabla New Heaven
  • Make Up Geek Sorcery
  • Sydney Grace Dive
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Venice
  • Coloured Raine Malibu
  • Sydney Grace Marine Waters
  • Nabla Virgin Island
  • Juvia’s Place Karama (Warrior III)
  • Juvia’s Place Kongo (Warrior III)
  • Make Up Forever Blue/ Green
  • Colourpop Lumi (Blue Moon)
  • Devinah Hydra
  • Coloured Raine Blue Magic
  • Sydney Grace Fierce
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Prussian Blue Nabla Blue Velvet
What was your favorite shade?

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