Supergoop Glow Screen SPF review

supergoop glowscreen spf 30 skincare review swatch fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Time for a mini review. Well the review isn’t exactly mini but the product is! Last spring, when I bought my Patrick Ta Major Dimension II, Cult Beauty had a deal that if you spent over a certain amount of money you would get a free goodie bag worth quite a bit of cash. They did list what was in the bag and there were quite a few skincare bits in there. One of those bits: a travel size of the Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 30. Now if there is one SPF I have heard lots of great things about it is this one so I was curious to try it.

Skincare review: Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 30

Luckily this travel size is for sale. It retails for €16.90 on the Cult Beauty website and contains 15 ml. A larger size containing 50 ml is also available and that retails for €36.10. Supergoop is one of those brands that I have heard being hyped up for years but their products were quite difficult to get. Glowscreen is the newest SPF in the range and isn’t just an SPF: it is a highlighter, makeup base and if you want you can even just wear it by itself. Time for a closer look.

What does this SPF have to offer?

supergoop glowscreen spf 30 skincare review swatch fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Before trying this I was not aware of any other products by Supergoop other than their SPF. I therefore wasn’t aware that this wasn’t just an SPF but can also do lots of other things. It hydrates the skin, but also works as a primer under makeup, while giving a bit of glow. It has an SPF of 30 and that’s great but there were also some downsides of this product which I will get into below. Overally this sounded very promising, and I mainly wore this on the daily when I was roaming London on one of my recent trips this summer.

What does this product do?

supergoop glowscreen spf 30 skincare review swatch fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Now there is a reason why I am showing you this picture to tell you more about it. My main gripe with this one? This isn’t just a sunscreen it is a TINTED sunscreen and nowhere on the packaging could I find that information. So based on the description I was expecting an SPF and some glow from perhaps the moisture this gives and possibly some sparkly reflects. Never in a million years did I expect this to be brown. Luckily the texture is very thin meaning I can blend it into the skin and it looks alright under makeup, but by itself? I have to be very careful as it can look a bit weird on my very fair skin. And the real kicker? This only comes in one shade!

What is my experience using the product?

supergoop glowscreen spf 30 skincare review swatch fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Too dark of a shade aside, this is a good SPF. I didn’t get a sunburn while wearing this, but where I would normally apply my SPF down my chest, on my ears and the back of my neck, I felt this wasn’t going to work for me that way due to the shade. Additionally, I felt it just looked off if I used too much so forget the three finger rule: if I applied that much (which I did the first time I tried it) this makes me look straight up orange. I like the glow this gives and it is a good summer time staple, but unless they come out with an inclusive shade range, this is not going to be a repurchase from me that’s for sure.

My final thoughts

While I wanted to love my first Supergoop experience, the Glowscreen just isn’t it for me. Can I use this up? For sure. But I know I will never go back to it after that. The shade is too dark and while the texture is thin enough to blend this in, it can leave a bit of a weird cast. It is easy to have this look unblended and patchy and because it is too dark I cannot use enough to get the SPF protection my fair skin so desperately needs. Is this a good product? Yes, but it just isn’t quite right for me.

Would I recommend the Supergoop Glowscreen SPF?

I think this is a good product for sure. As far as sunscreens go this gets the job done and I love the glowy finish it gives. If the shade is a good match for you, which is can be for a group of people, then you may love this. However, anyone at the lighter or deeper end of the spectrum can completely discard this product as the tint it has will just look off if you don’t have the right skin tone. So Supergoop if you release this in more shades, you could make me a return customer, but for now? I think I am good trying just this one.

Have you ever tried a tinted SPF? What was your experience?

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