Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum fragrance review

guerlain mon guerlain eau de parfum fragrance perfume review

Around this time last year, I was looking into new perfumes to try. I felt a bit stuck in the same things and so I watched a lot of fragrance content on Youtube as I discovered there is an entire community where people discuss, review and try out fragrances. Me being new to this world of fragrance enthusiasts, I was a bit overwhelmed as many recommendations weren’t really up my street. A lot of it sounded quite heady, heavy and just not great for me. While I love fragrance, I don’t like things that are too sweet, too fruity or too heavy and that seems to be what is loved most in the fragrance community. But one recommendation that kept popping up for an ‘easy gourmand’ fragrance was Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain. And when I smelled this in store, I knew I’d love this and I wasn’t wrong.

Fragrance review: Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Perfume can be an expensive purchase to make. Luckily Guerlain is quite readily available and it can often be purchased at a discount. Stores like Douglas and IciParis XL do regular sales where they will give 25% off all fragrance especially in the holiday season (which is why I tend to purchase most of my fragrances this time of year) and that can make it less of an expense. At the moment a 30 ml bottle of this fragrance retails for €54.95 at a 30% discount. While I see many influencers buying the largest bottle possible, I tend to purchase a small bottle first to see if I like a fragrance. When I love it, I will use it up and when I do I can always repurchase a larger size.

What does this fragrance have to offer?

guerlain mon guerlain eau de parfum fragrance perfume review

Mon Guerlain is often described as a gourmand fragrance. That means it has something sweet, edible to it, but also warmth. Fragrantica describes this as a woody amber fragrance with top notes of lavender and bergamot. Middle notes of iris, jasmin sebac and rose. The base notes consist of tahitian vanilla, coumarin, Australian sandalwood, licorice, benzoin and patchouli. To me this smells like a warm cashmere sweater on a cool fall day. The warmth is certainly there, especially in the base, but what makes this not too heady for me, is the blend of htese notes. The iris, bergamot and lavender lift this fragrance and give it a lightness that many fragrance favorites do not have. There is just something that cuts through when I wear it and I have been loving this for the fall time.

My final thoughts

But what I want to focus on here is: do I feel this is as special as everyone says it is? For as much hype as this gets, I think this is a good fragrance for sure. I can understand the appeal and I think this is a very safe option if you want to blindly gift someone a fragrance during the gifting season. I definitely like this for the fall time and like it from that perspective. But is it truly unique? I also own Chanel Coco Mademoiselle which gives me a similar vibe, but I feel that if I want something that’s more special, that a men’s fragrance is much more enticing to my nostrils than this is. It’s soft and feminine for sure, but not as unique as I feel so many make it out to be.

Would I recommend Guerlain Mon Guerlain?

As I mentioned, I think this is a bit of a no brainer perfume. This will make for a very good gift for any woman in your life who likes a warm fragrance that isn’t too heady. This also makes this less special. It is an easy fragrance and if someone is more into fragrance this may be a bit too easy and comfortable and may not stand out in a crowd. I am definitely loving mine and if I were to use this up, I may repurchase it as it makes for a good everyday fragrance for sure.

What is your favorite fall fragrance?

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