Tea Time Chat: The problem with PR

tea time chat the problem with pr

It is time for another Tea Time Chat! Today’s topic? Why PR is a double edged sword so viewer and content creator beware! While PR can surely be a helpful tool to grow you audience and presence on social media as a creator, it can also be tricky navigating the every changing and demanding waters that is PR. I am letting you in on some of the things I have experienced and explain to you why I am not jabout to start accepting a whole bunch of PR to review on the blog or Youtube channel. This is nother long one so I hope you enjoy!

Tea Time Chat // Why PR is problematic?

Topics of the video:

  • Why I am making this video
  • Why I don’t focus on PR
  • Why PR is problematic
  • PR vs Sponsorships
  • Why PR is not unconditional
  • Why PR is not always free
  • Round up
How do you feel about PR?

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