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My two favorite brands for makeup brushes? Zoeva and Sigma. Since makeup brushes are investments that you hope to use for years to come, I don’t often review them (unless I try something new). But I was due and update of some of my OG Sigma brush favorites and I thought I could share.

sigma makeup brush review E55 Eye shading E20 Short Shader E21 Smudge hooded eye deepset eye mature skin

This review is for the E55 Eye Shading, E21 Smudge and E20 Short Shader brushes. I have other reviews up with Sigma brushes. I reviewed some face brushes in 2013 and my favorite F25 Tapered Face brush along with the E55 in 2015. I plan on filming a video about my favorite brushes in the new year, so stay tuned if you want the full lowdown.

Review: Sigma Makeup Brushes E55, E20, E21

Sigma brushes have a few advantages: they are not super expensive nor super cheap and they are widely available. These brushes are stocked in so many places that I am sure you can find a retailer that ships to your location. The official Sigma Beauty website is also a great place to start checking out the brand.

Sigma Beauty E55 Eye Shading brush

The first brush in this review is their classic E55 eyeshading brush. I now own two of these. I liked the brush so much that I decided to repurchase. I had had the old one since 2014 and I felt it would be good to have two so I can switch it up.

Why is it good? Because it is great for packing shadow onto the lid if you want to cover larger areas. I now have one to use with wet shadows and one that I use with dry shadows. It retails for $16.

Sigma Beauty E21 Smudge brush

sigma makeup brush review E55 Eye shading E20 Short Shader E21 Smudge hooded eye deepset eye mature skin

I have been on the hunt for some good lower lash line brushes. Ever since I hit my late 30s, applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line has been a challenge. Most brushes are too big or not too sturdy enough.

Why is it good? I was hoping this could be a great smudge brush for the lower lash line, but I end up not using this for that. It’s too flimsy for my liking. What it works wonders for is smudging out shadow or a wing along the top lash line. It retails for $15.

Sigma Beauty E20 Short Shader brush

sigma makeup brush review E55 Eye shading E20 Short Shader E21 Smudge hooded eye deepset eye mature skin

One of my favorites for the lower lash line? The E20 Short Shader. It’s great for smudging shimmers along the lower lash line. It’s a bit too thick for me for precise application though, so I don’t love it with mattes or very dark shades.

Why is it good? I love this brush for blending out a more intense matte. I use it to layer a shimmer onto the lower lash line, but because of the shape this also easily finishes off the entire eye look. It retails for $16.

Should you buy Sigma Beauty makeup brushes?

Honestly, Sigma has been my go to brush brand for years (hello review from 2013!). They have gone up in price over time but I have found they are worth the investment. My older Sigma brushes still holdup, even after years of daily use.

There is a reason why this review features two brushes I already owned. Not because they needed replacing, but because I loved them enough to get a second one. If that doesn’t convince you that these are some good quality brushes, I don’t know what else is.

In 2022, I have decided to try some different brushes from other brush brands such as Rephr, Spectrum and BK Beauty. But so far my Sigma brushes are holding up and have not been replaced by any of these new brush brands I am trying. These brushes just can’t be beat!

Shop Sigma Beauty through their official website.

What are your favorite brushes?

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