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This past year I have been showing you swatches of all of my single eyeshadows. The final one? Colourpop! So I hope you enjoy this final installment.

colourpop single eyeshadow swatch party

So this video will include all the Colourpop single eyeshadows that I keep in palettes. I also have plenty of supershocks, but those aren’t included here. This is just eyeshadow pans with pressed powders shadows. Yes Colourpop does those too!

Colourpop Eyeshadow Singles // Swatch party of all my colourpop singles

Mentioned in the video:

  • Colourpop Let Me Explain
  • Colourpop Hear Me Out
  • Colourpop Take the Lead
  • Colourpop Made to Last
  • Colourpop Take Flight
  • Colourpop Paper Tiger
  • Colourpop Koi
  • Colourpop Making Moves
  • Colourpop Bratty
  • Colourpop Soltice with the Mostest
  • Colourpop Sandbar
  • Colourpop Poodle
  • Colourpop Ready or Yacht
  • Colourpop Sauvage
  • Colourpop Heavy Glam
  • Colourpop High Strung
  • Colourpop Glass Bull
  • Colourpop Snake Eyes
  • Colourpop Misty
  • Colourpop Cute Alert
  • Colourpop On a Whimsy
  • Colourpop Tea Garden
  • Colourpop Side Line
  • Colourpop Team Captain
  • Colourpop Heavenly
  • Colourpop Superzoom
  • Colourpop Tiny Tangerines
  • Colourpop Conjure Up
  • Colourpop Slayfarer
  • Colourpop Formation
  • Colourpop Wishful Winking
  • Colourpop Anti Matter
  • Colourpop Bassline
  • Colourpop Two Piece
  • Colourpop Backstage
  • Colourpop Quantum Sleep
  • Colourpop Beam Me Up
  • Colourpop Fault Line
  • Colourpop Neutrino
  • Colourpop Crown Jewel
  • Colourpop Earthshine
  • Colourpop 143
  • Colourpop Try Me
  • Colourpop Sleeper
  • Colourpop Prowlin’
  • Colourpop Mr. Sandman
  • Colourpop Silver Lining
  • Colourpop Paradiso
What are your favorite shades by Colourpop?

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  1. rosemaryhelenxo Avatar

    Ooo these look so creamy! I’ve yet to take the Colourpop plunge – maybe 2023 is the year I do it! Thanks for the swatch party! <3

    Rose | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
    @rosemaryhelenxo |

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