2023 TBR: what I want to read this year

I know, I know! It’s already February and I am still doing a video on what I want to read in 2023. Better late than never though right?! So here is my top 10 books I want to get to in 2023.

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My 2023 is comprised of a few stand alones, series I want to continue and some series I want to finish or start. Hope you enjoy!

2023 TBR // 10 Books I want to read in 2023

Mentioned in the video:

  • Min Jin Lee – Pachinko
  • Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  • Naomi Novik – Uprooted
  • R. F. Kuang – Babel
  • Marie Brennan – The Tropic of Serpents (A Natural History of Dragons)
  • Oscar De Muriel – The Dance of Serpents (Frey & McGray)
  • Genevieve Cogman – The Untold Story (Invisible Library)
  • Jim Butcher – Death Masks (Dresden Files)
  • Fonda Lee – Jade City
  • Brandon Sanderson – Hero of Ages (Mistborn)
  • R. F. Kuang – The Poppy War
What books will you be reading this year?

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