Top 10 Teal Eyeshadow

In this installment of my color series I am again tackling one of my favorite shades: teal. Teals are a blend of blue and green but not everyone seems to be putting them in the same category. Let’s chat about the illustrous shade called teal.

top 10 teal eyeshadow

In today’s video I am chatting about my 10 favorites incl. an honorable mention. We do some swatches, and just have a grant old mooch about my favorite topic: eyeshadow! Hope you’re here for the ride.

TOP 10 TEAL EYESHADOW // Top picks for my favorite shade (incl. swatches)

Mentioned in the video:

  • Chanel Road Movie
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture
  • Melt Muerte
  • Shroud Arcana
  • BH Cosmetics Bubble Gum
  • Colourpop High Tide & Dream Street
  • Lime Crime Prelude Chroma
  • Natascha Denona Gold
  • Lethal Cosmetics Equilibrium
  • Nabla Babylon
  • Sydney Grace Thrilled
What is your favorite teal eyeshadow?

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