Language learning tips: reading

Can you use reading to learn a new language? I say you can but who am I to tell you so?! Well apart from blogging and Youtubing, I have been an English teacher as my main career. So I have helped a lot of students improve their language and reading skills over the years. These are my top 5 tips that I shared with students to help them learn a language through reading.

language learning tips reading how to use reading for learning a language

In a way I am of the opinion that it doesn’t really matter what you read as long as you read. This can be short newspaper articles, or you can read along with an audiobook or you can start simple with books children use to become independent readers. The crux of the matter is to find something you like to read and stick with it until you feel ready to move on to something new.

Language Learning Tips // How to use reading to learn a new language

What would be your tips for learning a language through reading?

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