Makeup Declutter 2023 #4 Lips

We are still on a roll with the makeup declutters and today we are clearing out my lip products. So today we are talking all things lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner, lip balm and liquid lipstick.

makeup collection declutter 2023 lips lipstick lipgloss lip liner liquid lipstick lip balm

I regularly post lipstick swatches of entire lipstick lines which is why I have so many. If you use the search bar on the blog or my Youtube channel and you search lip swatch you will be sure to find a bunch of them. Another option is to select the lip category from the beauty dropdown menu at the top of the page. So if you want to see swatches and what things look like on, then all you have to do is have a click around.

Makeup Declutter 2023 // #4 Lips: lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner, liquid lipstick, lip balm

How do you think I did?

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