Zoeva Powerful Shine lipgloss review

Did you know that Zoeva is a makeup brand that has a lot more to offer than just brushes? That’s definitely how they got their start, but since then they have branched out and they do a lot more products. Their palettes being some of my particular favorites, but I also wanted to try some other products. Here’s what I think of their Powerful Shine lipgloss.

zoeva powerful shine lipgloss review swatch dream with me makeup look application fair skin

In terms of what the brand has to offer I have tried quite a few bits. I have tried (and loved) their eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealer and lots and lots of their brushes. If you were to ask me, Zoeva is one of the most underrated makeup brands that really deserves more hype. The same goes for this lipgloss.

Review: Zoeva Powerful Shine lipgloss Dream With Me

Over time Zoeva has gone up in price. I remember buying my first Zoeva product and feeling like they were more like a high end drugstore price point. In recent years the brand has shifted to the lower end of high end, with some products being priced more like a high end product. This lipgloss retails for €16 which to me is on par with topshelf drugstore.

What does this lipgloss have to offer?

zoeva powerful shine lipgloss review swatch dream with me makeup look application fair skin

I bought this lipgloss for a few reasons. It was one that I bought as I wanted to discover some different lipgloss formulas when I first got into gloss. Zoeva being one of my favorite brands, I knew I had to try them.

The shade Dream With Me looked to me like a perfect ‘clear gloss with some extra oomph’. It is described as a pink duochrome with pink and lilac sparkles. When I got it home I found it to be even more sparkly and these pictures don’t do it justice.

It is one of 6 shades available ranging from a classic nude to more sparkly things. By now I know I am not a fan of sparkly lipgloss and I have decluttered more. However, this Zoeva lipgloss is the one that is still kicking around because it just that good.

What does this lipgloss look like in a swatch?

zoeva powerful shine lipgloss review swatch dream with me makeup look application fair skin

One of the reasons why I ended decluttering so many of my sparkly glosses was for a number of reasons. They showed up clear, the sparkles were noticeable when I rubbed my lips together or they just ended up looking boring once applied. This one was the surprise hit.

The reason why this works for me is because the sparkle truly adds dimension to the shade more so than it just looking sparkly. You can wear this as a clear gloss if you want a high shine wet look, or you can top it over a lipstick if you want the shimmering dimensions to show up more.

In this picture you can’t see this but rather than just pink and lilac, this also has a soft golden champagne hue and in certain light I can even detect a hint of green. This kaleidoscope of colors is what makes this one truly special.

Should you buy the Zoeva Powerful Shine lipgloss?

zoeva powerful shine lipgloss review swatch dream with me makeup look application fair skin

This is a great lipgloss if you are someone who loves topping lipgloss over lipsticks or if you are just looking for a versatile lip product that can do a lot. The formula is non-sticky, feels comfortable and for a gloss it has fairly good lasting power. This lasts until you eat or drink as part of a full meal.

The reason I kept this around is because it can just do so much. This won’t be a gloss I reach for on the daily because I prefer it if my glosses have more color to it. Just know that this line offers just that as two shades have no shimmer at all. And I am suspecting those will have that same lovely formula.

Overall I think that if you want a good sparkly lipgloss this is the best one I have tried. So I am keeping this around as my one and only sparkly lipgloss to be used as a topper if I wish. Is this a musthave? Not necessarily but a very enjoyable product nonetheless.

You can buy the Zoeva Powerful Shine lipgloss here *.

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What is your favorite sparkly lipgloss?

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