Paris Travel Vlog // Disneyland, Museum & shopping

Let me take you along for the ride as I go to Paris for two days! I visit the Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios parks after 15 years. I also spend a day in the city, visit a museum and have lots of great food.

paris travel vlog disneyland walt disney studios centre pompidou angelina laduree shopping

Hope you enjoyed coming along. I realized as I was home my camera was a bit shaky here and there. I also realized that I forgot to film quite some things as well. Sorry! I have certainly forgotten how to vlog, but I hope you liked it nonetheless.

Paris Travel Vlog // Disneyland, Museum & shopping

What I did in Paris:

  • Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios
  • Centre Pompidou
  • Angelina
  • Laduree
What do you like doing when you’re in Paris?

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