What if heroes were lipsticks

If lipsticks can represent villains, then they can represent heroes too of course! So when I asked in one of my recent videos if you’d like to see me whip out the shades I associate with ‘main character’ vibes, then these would be my picks.

if heroes were a lipstick

In today’s video we’ll chat about 10 lipsticks that I feel go with what the main character, our heroes and heroines would wear. I throws in maternal/ wise woman vibes as well as a bit of Barbie. Hope you enjoy!

If Heroes Were a Lipstick // 10 lipsticks to represent bookish main character vibes

Mentioned in the video:

  • Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Velvet Ribbon
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent Rosy Shell
  • Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent Rose Officiel
  • Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Velvet Beauty
  • Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Mildred Rosewood
  • Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Belles
  • MAC Satin Twig
  • Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick Flower & Herb Magnolia Bouquet
  • Dior Lip Glow Lip Oil Pink
  • The Saem Mousse Candy Lip Tint Chai Tea
What lipstick shades do you associate with the heroes of our stories?

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