Palettes Revisited July 2023

As I do every month I went back to some older palettes again to try and get more use out of them and ask myself: are they gems or junk? Because just because a palette is older, doesn’t mean it is no longer any good. So let’s rave about some older palettes.

palettes revisited gem or junk july 2023 eyeshadow palette reorganization

And this month’s palettes revisited has a twist: all the palettes I wanted to use again are palettes I reorganized in recent months. So now that those colors stories have been changed up, I have to try them and see whether I like them better than the original palettes. Newsflash: I do.

Palettes Revisited July 2023 // Gem or junk: do I still like the palettes I reorganized?

Mentioned in the video:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina reorganized
  • Natascha Denona Retro
  • Natascha Denona Glam
  • Natascha Denona My Dream
Do you reorganize your eyeshadow palettes?

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