Bookshelf Reorganization

It is summer vacation which is a great time to get organized, clean up and just have a good mooch around the house. So guess what?! I reorganized my bookshelves and I took you along for the ride.

bookshelf organization reorganization

I still had some space on these shelves if I stored some books elsewhere, so I didn’t declutter any, but I just rejigged this to make better use of the space. I now have all my read book series together and my unread together as well. Also the genres I read most are front and center which makes it easier to pick my next read. Because I have been on that reading train and this motivates me even more to grab for a new book.

Bookshelf Reorganization // Let’s reorganized my bookshelves

I am so happy I reorganized my shelves again. What do you think?

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