Ranking K-beauty palettes

My love for K-beauty eyeshadow is a recent love and I have no intention to stop raving about it any time soon. But just because I love all things K-beauty at the minute, doesn’t mean that all of it works. This is my ranking of all the K-beauty palettes I have ever tried.

ranking K-beauty eyeshadow palettes

In this ranking I will even be pulling in the four eyeshadow palettes I tried last year that made me realize that K-beauty eyeshadow is great quality. However, the color stories I tried weren’t necessarily my favorite.

Ranking K-beauty palettes // All my K-beauty eyeshadow palettes from worst to best

Mentioned in the video:

  • Peach C Falling in… Falling in Pink
  • Moonshot Rêve de Paris à Moonshot
  • Clio Pro Eye Palette #13 Picnic by the Sunset
  • Clio Pro Eye Palette #11 Walking on the Cosy Alley
  • 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Plot Twist
  • Holika Holika My Fave Mood Eye Palette It’s Neat Collection Neat Knit
  • Romand Better Than Palette Milk Grocery Edition Dreamy Lilac Garden
  • Peripera All Take Mood Fall in Acorn
  • Kaja Bentobox Rose Water
  • Clio Pro Eye Palette #17 Over the Path
  • ETUDE – Play Color Eyes Autumn Closet
  • romand Better Than Palette #06 Peony Nude Garden
  • Bbia Tea House Final Shadow Palette #07 Merengue
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA My Fave Mood Eye Palette It’s Neat Collection #06 Button Up
  • WAKEMAKE Mix Blurring Eye Palette #03 Forest Brown
What are your favorite K-beauty eyeshadow palettes?

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