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My favorite thing to do with my single eyeshadows? Creating custom color stories based on different inspirations. This time I have selected some items from my wardrobe to create color stories with. How do you like these fantasy palettes I created?

playing with singles creating fantasy color story eyeshadow palette

In this video I create 5 palettes using my single eyeshadow collection based off of pieces in my wardrobe. I think this video really shows you that color combinations that work can be found in many different places.

Creating fantasy palettes // Playing with singles & creating custom color stories

Mentioned in the video:

Palette 1

  • MAC Nylon
  • Make Up Geek Epic
  • Glamshop Ink
  • Glamshop Purple/ Blue
  • Sydney Grace Awake
  • Sydney Grace One Day at a time

Palette 2

  • Palette 2:
  • Touch of Glam Lucid Lavender
  • Sydney Grace Regal
  • Sydney Grace Island Paradise
  • Glamshop Washed Olive
  • Colourpop Team Captain
  • Clionadh Mural

Palette 3

  • Sydney Grace Tangy Citrus
  • Colourpop Sandbar
  • Lethal Cosmetics Surge
  • Lethal Cosmetics Vertex
  • Lethal Cosmetics Deceit
  • Looxi Beauty High Roller

Palette 4:

  • Sydney Grace Emerald Eyes
  • Sydney Grace Midnight Green
  • Make Up Geek Flamethrower
  • Sydney Grace Sweetheart
  • Clionadh Smoulder

Palette 5:

  • Make Up Geek Flamethrower
  • Lethal Cosmetics Unity
  • MAC Corduroy
  • Make Up Geek Twilight
  • Sydney Grace Let’s Cuddle
What color stories do you like to create?

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