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I am finally trying some K-beauty skincare! I have dipped my toes in in the past, but I haven’t really dug in deep enough to have a good enough opinion. Over summer, I got a bunch of k-beauty skincare bits and this is the first product I am reviewing! Staying tuned for more to come.

cosrx ceramide mist balancium comfort review swatch skincare k-beauty dry skin dehydrated skin mature skin

One K-beauty brand I really wanted to try was COSRX. It is a brand I have seen being recommended a lot online and I think it is THE brand I think of when I think of K-beauty skincare. There are of course loads more so if there is a brand that you love, drop me a comment so I can do some research.

Skincare review: COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream Mist

One thing I love about K-beauty as a premise is the fact that it is quite affordable, yet effective skincare. This is available from Yesstyle and retails for €16.65. K-beauty is usually much more innovative when it comes to ingredients and as I have dry skin that is dehydrated and can be quite sensitive, I felt they do some really cool products that I think might work.

What does this product have to offer?

cosrx ceramide mist balancium comfort review swatch skincare k-beauty dry skin dehydrated skin mature skin

You can read the ingredient list in the picture above. This product is formulated to help with parched skin and so I feel this would be great for my skin. It has some ingredients to help soothe the skin as well as some creamy elements to help with your skin barrier. It is formulated with ceramides to enhance the moisture level of your skin.

What is my experience using this?

This is my first step after cleansing my skin in the morning is a face mist. I like starting with a layer of something light before going in with a serum or moisturizer. I feel it helps my other skincare products to skin in. And this took some getting used to.

This doesn’t feel as wet as some other face mists I have tried, but I feel that’s why I like this. I do feel I need to layer a serum over this to really get the most out of it. I also need quite a bit of product for this to feel comfortable.

However, despite having to get through some initial problems, now that I have been using it on the daily I feel this really does what it promises to do. The thicker texture is due to the creaminess and I feel that overall my skin feels very moisturized and less dry and dehydrated than it used to. While I like it, I am not over the moon with it and so I don’t think I will be repurchasing this in the future.

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What is your favorite face mist?

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