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This post will be short & sweet. Not as long as my previous one on my fave songs of the moment, that’s for sure.

I want to talk to you guys about True Blood. The HBO TV series that just finished its third season. This weekend, I decided to get lazy. I knew the latest season of True Blood had finished broadcasting in the States and so I decided to find it online so I could watch it. Unfortunately, the series are only available on digital subscription TV here in Holland.

Trueblood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. I read the first book and it couldn’t grasp me at all. The TV series however, now that’s a different case. I’m hooked. Totally. I-watched-7-episodes-in-two-days, is how hooked I am. I watched the first two seasons (24 episodes) in less than a week over Christmas last year.

The main plot plays mostly in a small town in Louisiana called Bon Temps. The story is set in the not too far future when vampires admit their existence (they come ‘out of the coffin’) to humanity. This ‘revelation’ makes that vampire Bill Compton moves back to the house he once owned when he was still human, so he can ‘mainstream’: live among humans. Here he meets Sookie Stackhouse a pretty girl who’s a barmaid because she sucks at any other job. The reason? She’s a telepath and can hear other’s thoughts.  Bring in some other vamps, lots of problems, a serial killer, ‘V’ (vampire blood used as a drug), and the blossoming romance between Bill & Sookie and season one is fact. By now, series 2 & 3 are also done and the fourth one has already been filmed and will be broadcast next year.

Other than the Twilight series, True Blood is not afraid of alluding to the more gruesome and animalistic side of vampires. There’s plenty of blood and sex and the series plays into themes such as race, gays/ lesbians, religion, and just being ‘different’. This makes the series a lot more of an adult affair than ‘that other vampire franchise’.

Apart from a more adult appeal, the series has plenty of funny one-liners, good camerawork, good acting, fun/ psychotic/ interesting characters plus the episodes are paced nicely. It also helps that the lead actors are very easy on the eyes. The combination of suspense, a little bit of gore, and romance is for me the right cocktail to keep me watching. It may do the same thing for you.

Watch the trailer for the third series:

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