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Okay, so I didn’t post anything and if it wasn’t for this little blip I wouldn’t have posted anything at all for a few days to come. Thing is, I’m busy. Too busy to sit down and write a blog. This week is filled with classes (to teach myself and to attend as a student), meetings with students about graded papers/ exams and uni prep. On top of that, I’ve been stuck on a train for more hours in the time span of 3 days, then I usually am in an entire week, due to delays, broken down trains, suicidal twats and fires at control stations. If things keep up like this, I literally won’t have time to write anything constructive for a few days to come. I hope to be able to write something on Friday, but it’s actually looking like it will be Saturday at the earliest. Since I didn’t want to let you guys sit there in complete radio silence for days to come, I’ve decided to write something short but sweet today. It’s a bit of a rant actually and not thought through at all, so bear with me!

So, Prins William and his gf set a date for their wedding: April 29th. Guess when I was planning on going to London? Yes, right around that time. Plus I still have to go and watch Harry Potter 7, but since my weekends are going to be filled with things to do until/ including Christmas that probably won’t happen until my Christmas break or maybe even January! GAH! And here comes the best part: the ONE weekend that would be totally free for a few weeks to come would be next week, but now I have a birthday to go to. It’s not that I don’t wanna go, but I was actually kinda looking forward to locking myself into my room with a big pot of tea, some music, a book, or some movies and just let time go by. Now, I can’t actually do that.

To top it off, I have to go buy presents for my family for Sinterklaas (Santa’s Spanish cousin) this weekend and I know exactly what I want to get them, but I don’t actually wanna have to go out on a Saturday (the busiest day at the stores) to get the gifts, because it’s going to be mayhem. Some of the stores I want to get to aren’t open on a Sunday though, so that is extra blah. And now the government has decided that too many towns are opening up shops on Sundays to begin with, so they are going to reconsider which towns can have their stores open on a Sunday. This sucks, because I’m never home and the only time I can pretty much shop is on Sunday. Grrr. Oh and you know what other lovely thing the government has decided? That as of January 1st 2011, all theater and concert tickets will be taxed at 19% instead of 6%. You know how much more expensive that is? There goes my hobby!

But yeah other than that, I’m doing pretty great actually. I had a very productive and motivating day both yesterday and today. Today I had a bit of a rough start with my train being delayed and all, but it turned out great after all. I just had the most fun at Combat class and am still sweating. Now, I am in need of a shower, and some sleep as my alarm clock will go off at 6 AM. Then I have to teach 2 classes back to back from 8.30 till 12.30 and my own class at uni starts at 12.45. How I’m ever going to be on time is beyond me but I’ll somehow make it work. Class lasts till 4.30 and I won’t be home until 7 PM and dance class starts at 8 PM. I need to have dinner, prepare next day’s lunch and lay out my clothes in between that.

Conclusion: Tomorrow will be hectic, but that’s my life I guess. Most of my days are exactly like this, or at least very similar.

So… that’s that! lol

Q: What have you been up to? Anything you’re peeved about?


2 responses to “MIA & a bit of a rant”

  1. fantasyandrealityfight Avatar

    Pff, k zou echt geaaakkk worden!
    Ik haat stress, dan functioneer ik echt niet 😉 En ben volgens mij iets sneller dan gemiddeld gestresst 😛
    Maar blij dat je zo happy in je vel lijkt te zitten meis 🙂 Ondanks de pet-peeves, maar die heeft iedereen 😉 Vind het ook DOM dat er nog minder steden de winkels open mogen hebben op zondag (hoogeveen mocht et maar 5 keer per jaar) en ook dat de concertkaartjes zoveel omhoog gaan is belachelijk..


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik heb juist het omgekeerde: een goede dosis stress doet wonderen voor mij. Ik sprong vanochtend zo’n beetje mijn bed uit. Wat knap is met een hoogslaper 😉

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