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Yesterday I did some online shopping. Apart from some make up, nail polish and a few books on Amazon, I also bought a few tickets to concerts. I bought tickets to see The Black Keys in March, but I also got tickets to see Blaudzun (with I Am Oak as the support act!) and And So I Watch You from Afar. Both these shows are in December. Since I don’t think many people reading this blog will actually know especially the latter two bands, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about these three bands and the music they make.

On December 3rd I will be seeing Blaudzun. Blaudzun is a Dutch singer-songwriter who has borrowed his name from a Danish cyclist. His music is mellow and dreamy and I really only know one song of of his album Seadrift Soundmachine, but I love that one song so much that I want to see it live. So I’m really just going to hear/ see this to familiarize myself a bit more with his music. Here’s the song I love so much, Midnight Room:

Later that month, on December 11th I’ll going to And So I Watch You from Afar. This is an Irish band who only play instrumental Rock music. It’s one of those bands whose CD I’ve had for some time and it’s been lounging around my MP3 player. From time to time one of their songs comes on and I just love how well thought through these songs actually are. On top of that, despite the songs being instrumental, they do tell some sort of story and I could only imagine what this would be like live and therefore decided to go see it for myself. I hope the live setting will something to their sound. Here’s what it sounds like:

Last but not least, I also bought a ticket to see The Black Keys in March. This is still a while away, but I really wanted to see them. I already had a ticket for their show this past June, but couldn’t go because I was sick. If you don’t know The Black Keys (shame on you!): they’re a blues/folk rock band from the USA and well they’re just amazing. They just recently had a song on the Eclipse soundtrack (it plays in the opening scene when Riley gets out of the bar) and released their album Brothers last summer. The main single of that album is called Tighten Up, but one of my fave track by them would have to be Lies, from their previous record Attack & Release:

P.S. If you like Kelly Clarkson, she sang this song during her last tour. Nothing beats the original though, but she did an awesome job singing it!

P.P.S. I have another concert coming up before any of these! It’s Lady Gaga! Now how’s that for versatility. Will see her on Nov. 29th!

Q: What about you? Any concerts coming up?

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