Cool website: La Blogotheque feat. The Take-Away Shows

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Long time no post. I know I know. I’ve been sick for the past week and when you’re sick one doesn’t feel like blogging. It’s not like I was doing anything exciting to be posting about anywayz. Last night, however, I finally felt up to scouring the Internet once again and Lo and Behold what I found: La Blogotheque’s The Take-Away Shows.

La Blogoteque itself is a French language website focusing on indie music. Since 2006 they’ve been posting podcasts of so called ‘take-away shows’. A what? Take-away shows. These shows are filmed while artists are performing their songs on the street, on a subway, when it’s dark, in a grocery store, etc. but very rarely you’ll find them perform in the classic sense of the word. They are videos of artists playing their songs as is, in different cities around the world, including background noise and startled onlookers. Most Take-Away Shows are filmed and directed by Victor Moon, who came up with the idea. The crew goes out for a day, from dusk till after dawn and film musicians in unique locations. I think this site will give you plenty of viewing pleasure if you, like me, are into indie bands. Bands featured on their website include: Mumford & Sons, dEUS, Bloc Party, Johnny Flynn, Patrick Watson, Aloe Blacc, The Kooks, Jamie Lidell, Tegan and Sara, The Low Anthem, Vampire Weekend and many many more.

Here are a few vids to help you get the idea:

Patrick Watson: (incl. his band banging on everything that can be banged on)

Patrick Watson – Take-Away Show Part 1

(Since this is a Vimeo vid, I can’t get WordPress to stick it properly onto my blog. If you know how, please let me know!)

Mumford & Sons:

Johnny Flynn – The Box: (look at the guy briefly dancing along when he’s inside the store! & actual song starts at 2:20)

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