Some new links

I decided to update my links page. It’s gonna be vacation soon and then I’ll add some more. I’m thinking of adding links to some of my favorite online stores as well as a page with links to some other blogs that I sometimes read but are totally random or not on my blog roll.

The links I added just now:

My Links:

My Live Journal Blog – USA 2005 (Dutch Blog on my 4,5 months stay as an exchange student)

My Travel Blog – USA 2008 (In Dutch)

Music Links:

La Blogotheque (The Take-Away Shows -> Unique music videos shot live in unique places)

^^ I blogged about this here.

Other Links:

Quietube (Watch youtube videos without the annoying sidebars and other distractions)

RobsessedPattinson (The only Rob Pattinson site I visit)

Wehearit (For the prettiest images to spice up your blog)

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