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If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I spent yesterday shopping in Amsterdam. I had a friend play tag along and I sort of expected things to run well into the evening which is why I didn’t have time to post any of this last night. Yesterday was a good day too. I got all the stuff I wanted and then some. So I’m a happy bunny. Here it goes.

First of all I got two t-shirts:

The top shirt I got at ONLY, which is a Danish clothing brand which is very popular over here. The shirt looks white in the picture but is more of a creme color and I just loved that retro print. Best part about it: it only cost €7.95. The second shirt I got at ZARA. I know these type of shirts have been on the market for a while now from different stores at different times, but I just never liked the look of those. I loved this one however. It’s a very light gray shirt with an album print on the cover. This shirt was a bit more expensive: €19.95.

The next thing I got is the necklace you see above. I got it at a shoe store called Sasha. It features a long chain and the pendant is not a pendant but opens up and is a clock and it actually works too! The batteries in both my watched died a long time ago and so I’m always out of a watch, so now if I wear this necklace I’ll have a watch again. I just thought it to be pretty and quirky enough to take home. I believe it cost €12.95, but it could be €14.95 as well.

All the other stuff I got is make up, all of which by MAC. There were a few things I really wanted to get. In October I set up an appointment with a MAC make up artist to get started. I knew of MAC, heard of it, but their product range was so astonishingly daunting to me that I decided to get some advise. I really liked most of the products she used and took home a few items in October, but I could never take home all of that. That’s why I got a few items that I hadn’t taken with me last time as well as some cool new things.

The first thing I really wanted to get was the Cremesheen Lipgloss in Richer, Lusher. This is one of the products used during my make up advise/ practice hour and loved it a lot. By now, the new Champale collection is out as well and I also took home a few items from that collection, one of which you can see in the picture below together with the Cremesheen Lipgloss:

The lipgloss is a really nice peachy color and looks a bit lighter in r/l then on the picture. The pencil is from the Champale collection and is a Chromographic pencil in NC15/NW20. It a concealer but in pencil form making it easier to conceal redness around the eyes and other places with are harder to reach. I think it would also be good to cover up some of the color in my lip area. My lips are very pigmented by themselves and thus I’m always left with this ugly dark ring around my lipstick which I hate. Now, I’d have an easy tool to cover that up a bit as well.

Nex I got 2 Paint Pots, one also from the Champale collection, a Fluid Line in Black Track and a single eyeshadow in Omega. From left to right: Painterly (Paint Pot), Let me Pop (Paint Pot), Black Track (Fluid Line), Omega (eyeshadow).

I already have the Bare Study Paint Pot, so I wanted a basic non-shimmering paint pot to go with it to be a bit more versatile. When I saw the Champale collection, I immediately fell in love with the Let Me Pop Paint Pot. It’s a shimmery bronze/copper color with a hint of gold in it. This is a color that would just look really well by itself with just some brown or black eyeliner. I didn’t have a black gel liner yet, but I do have MAC’s fluid line in Dip Down which is a dark brown and I love that one, so I decided to also get a black. I got the Omega eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I’ve been using an eyebrow pencil by Benefit for the past couple of months and like that, because it’s quick but it does make my eyebrows really dark and my face a bit harsh. I’ve been told that using an eyeshadow softens the look a bit more and the MAC make up artist matched me to this one, so I’ll start using this one soon.

The real reason I went to Amsterdam for this particular shopping spree, however, isn’t any of the stuff you’ve seen till now. What I decided I wanted to get is a MAC eyeshadow palette. I don’t want another heap of single eyeshadows lying about and the only place to get a MAC palette is at the pro store. The only pro store in Holland is located in Amsterdam so I went there and got this:

It’s still a little empty looking right now, but once I have some more money I will gradually fill it up as time goes on. I put the stickers in there for my own reference so I can’t forget which one is which. The left column from top to bottom are: sketch, shale & yoghurt. The right column from top to bottom are: mulch, woodwinked & vanilla. So it’s a column of purples and a column of browns. I really wanted to get shale and woodwinked and just built the other colors around that.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I think that was a very successful shopping spree. If you have any suggestions for some other shadows for my MAC palette, then please let me know!

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