Some new music I’ve been enjoying

As some of you may know I’ve been trying to update & reorganize my music collection for the past couple of days. As of yet, I’m still not done with that. It takes a while when you have many songs and I hate doing anything half-assed, so that’s why it’s taking some time to get through it all. But in the mean time I thought I’d share a couple of songs which I’ve been listening to the past couple of weeks. I will focus on individual songs rather than albums. That is an entirely different beast to tackle.

1.) The Pleasants – Streets of Darkness.

I first came across this band’s CD on 3voor12’s luisterpaal (for a link see my links section) and I instantly liked it. It’s very folky, indie type stuff, but I really like it. I will try to find the CD in my record store some time. In the mean time I’ll have to make do with this song. You can download this song for free on their website.

2.) US English – What Frontier

Most of the indie stuff I listen to comes from a list I find online called Blalock’s Indie/ Rock Playlist. This playlist comes out every month and lists 100+ songs of mostly indie and relatively unknown bands. I’ve been scouting this playlist for more than 3 years now. This song is from last year’s November edition. It’s very poppy but with an elektro undertone to it.

3.) Martin Solveig – Hello!

Every Dutch person knows this song by now, due to it being played continuously during a national charity event, but I still like it very much. It makes me wanna jump around the house and sing along. Such a happy upbeat song.

4.) Jay-Z – 99 Problems

By no means a new song, but I only just rediscovered the greatness of this song during one of my Hiphop classes. Yep, I was made to dance to this exact song. The routine kicked ass (I didn’t lolz) and the beat is amazing.

5.) Adele – Rolling in the Deep

For some reason this songs chorus reminds me of the style of Florence + the Machine. In a good way. I already loved the stuff from Adele’s first album, Hometown Glory and Make You Feel my Love being favorites, and I also think this new one is great. I just love her voice.

6.) Burn the Negative – Wonder Why

Thanks to my friend Taryn from South Africa, I came across this awesome band. Again, this song is definitely not a new release, but it’s new to me and I just love it. It’s dancy & rocky at the same time: the right blend of elektro to get you to dance, and enough rock to make it worth a listen.

7.) Cassius – I <3 U So (or I love you so, it goes by both names)

Who knew Cassius is still around? If you like danceable pop with a twist of disco then you’ll certainly like this song. Who doesn’t remember some of the other songs by the Master that is Cassius, like ‘1999’ and ‘Sound of Violence’? Both songs belonging to my favorite dance track list and I’m liking this new song too.

8.) Far East Movement ft. the Cataracs – Like A G6

A bit of dubstep fused with some rap and a catchy as all hell chorus makes for one fun tune. I picked this up from the British Single Chart.

9.) Pixie Lott – Use Somebody

How many times can people cover a song you might ask? Well, tons, is the answer in the case of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. When I was first told by my dance teacher that we’d be dancing to another cover of Use Somebody I was like: no! But this version is exquisitely beautiful. All there is, is an acoustic live version and is simply amazing. It’s simple, with nothing but a guitar and her singing and showcases her vocal abilities.

10. Filligar – Not Gonna Settle

I only found this song 2 days ago, but it’s already a favorite. A chipper, pick me up, rock song that is super catchy and refreshing.

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