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Last night, for the second week in a row, my dance teacher taught us a song to the following song:

Isn’t that the most awesome song ever? A bit of country, with an awesome thick beat and simple guitar chords. This is my new favorite dance routine as well as the song to totally let my hair down!

Q: What song do you like to go crazy on?

In other dance related news: last night in my hiphop class our teacher decided to teach us how to tut. To what? This:

Of course, as in most other hiphop-specific moves I suck ass and am not near as good as this guy, but I had fun doing it!

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  1. Petra Avatar

    WTF! die gast zingt echt dat nummer! Ik dacht dat het nep was, zijn stem past helemaal niet bij z’n hoofd, maar als je dit bekijkt zie je dat-ie echt kan zingen:

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