Nail Polish Haul – OPI, China Glaze & Hérôme

It’s time for new polishes! As the seasons are about to change from winter to spring, nail polish brands have started putting out their spring collections. Me being the nail polish addict that I am, I of course cannot stay behind and ordered a bunch of polishes, bought a few in the shop and got one for free. Here’s what I got.

OPI: Guy meets Gal-veston, Hot & Spicy, Melon of Troy, The Show Must go On, Diva of Geneva

OPI: Katy Perry Collection (mini)

Hérôme WIC Honolulu, China Glaze: Life Preserver, Sunset Sail, Classic Camel

All China Glaze and the full size OPI bottles come from Ever since I found this website it soon became my favorite nail polish supplier. The shipping is outrageous (20 dollars or more), but when I order 6 – 8 polishes well worth the price. OPI is super expensive over here (nearly 15 euros for one bottle) and at Transdesign OPI costs $5.50 per bottle. China Glaze which isn’t even available in regular stores here costs $2.99 each. I now have 8 bottles of nail polish, for the price of 2 OPI polishes and that includes shipping!

I ended up buying the Katy Perry Collection minis as the full sized ones quickly sold out and I sort of liked all the polishes apart from that black shatter top coat (I really don’t understand everyone’s excitement over that!). I did buy them at my local upscale drug store as shipping them from Transdesign would literally make the shipping outrageous. I would actually pay twice more for shipping alone, then the price of the set here. So I opted to buy that at my store and these are going fast, so if you can still find them somewhere, anywhere and you like them! Be fast. The only pity is that the dark pink/ fuchsia colored one (The One that Got Away) is a dupe for the Let Me Entertain You polish from OPI’s Burlesque collection. It’s only slightly darker and since I already have a full sized bottle of Let Me Entertain You I’m really happy that I bought the minis and NOT the full sized ones for the Katy Perry Collection.

The other OPI polishes are all from miscellaneous collections. Hot & Spicy and Melon of Troy are from older collections (I don’t even know which ones), but the other ones are all winter 2010 (Diva of Geneva from the Swiss Collection), Burlesque (The Show Must Go On) or the latest Texas collection (Guy Meets Gal-veston). I love 4 of these polishes and one is just extremely blah. That one would be the Guy Meets Gal-veston one. I was hoping it to be a nice and creamy  textured coral color. Instead it is a jelly like substance that is very sheer and needs 3 – 4 coats to become opaque. The color is also more like a neon pink/ orange fusion rather than a bright coral. So that one is definitely a disappointment.

As for the other polishes, the Hérôme Honolulu one is a gorgeous teal color that covers nicely. However, it seems to be an exact or near exact dupe for OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui. Luckily, I got this one for free after a free manicure at Douglas (if you’re a member, make sure you check the magazine and rip out the voucher for the free manicure & free polish!). However, the teal color was the only one that caught my eye in the selection I was allowed to choose from.

My three China Glaze polishes are from the new Anchors Away collection and the winter 2010 collection: Vintage Vixen. I love Life Preserver. It’s exactly the color I hoped it would be: a very warm orange nearing terra cotta. I think this will be a color very suitable for spring but also for autumn. So very wearable indeed. Sunset Sail is a pretty beige/ nude color with a hint of shimmer. The difference with Classic Camel is that Sunset Sail is a bit paler and Classic Camel also comes with a gorgeous subtle golden glitter. All these polishes have a very creamy texture and glide on like a charm!

I’m a happy bunny! There’s another two polishes in the mail as we speak and then my nail polish collection is nearing completion. I simply don’t have any more space to store any more, and I am at a point where buying more polishes means buying more dupes/ doubles. I don’t need/ want that! So almost done. Once I have all my desired colors, I will make sure to film or photograph all the polishes I have and how I store them!

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  1. Ik had diezelfde bon ook gehad. Heb ik weggegooid. Ik zou niet weten wat ik ervoor moet halen. Ja nog meer make up, maar ik wil specifieke dingen die ze niet bij de ICI hebben. Dus dan zou ik alleen maar weer onzin gaan kopen. Niet nodig.

    • Hi,
      No! Hot & Spicy is a very creamy orangy bright coral. Melon of Troy is pinker, has more shine to it and is more subdued. I have swatches of the colors. I could take a picture and send it to you if you’d like.

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