Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara

The final mascara in the series that I have been testing is Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof mascara. This is Max Factor’s staple mascara and was highly recommended by the sales lady at my local drug store.

Here’s what Max Factor claims:

Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara finally can define and separate your lashes to give a striking, professional effect, the kind a make-up artist could create! Masterpiece Waterproof’s high tech IFX brush works to evenly coat individual lashes, even those hard to reach ones at the corners of your eyes. The result? Beautifully framed eyes up to 5X more striking

My verdict: it is absolutely hideous. I have never had such a hard time putting on my mascara as I have with this mascara. It was like the brush applied A LOT of mascara at the roots of my lashes, but wasn’t able to bring the mascara to the tips. No matter what I tried, applying it was one big mess. One morning it even smudged so bad that I had to redo my make up on one eye completely. Ugh.

The problem for me really lies in the brush. It’s thick. Too thick to get in between my lashes and give them a nice coat. Once on, the mascara looked nice on me, and it stayed put rather nicely. However, I don’t see why I should be spending so much time to get my mascara to look good. Especially since I have tried other mascaras with the same result, but all of those achieved the same look in half the time.

Guess you can think of which mascara I liked best right? It would be this one.

4 responses to “Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara”

  1. I’ve never used mascara myself, although I will if I can figure out how to apply it with my mouth closed. HOWEVER, I’d have to say just by looking that yep, that’s not a good brush.

  2. Absolute rubbish I found this mascara to be and I’m damned if I can remove the stuff. I’ve used baby oil,eye make-up removers and it still like fact I reckon you could build a house with this stuff because there is still remnants from weeks ago clogging up my 61 year old lashes.I bought 2 and regret my purchases this time.I love MF but this particular one is terrible in my opinion.I have long lashes and was appalled to discover when I got home from shopping I had black marks just below my eye brows where it obviously hadn’t dried enough.This is really naff and spent £19.98 on the pair..what a waste of money 🙁

  3. Got a result today from my whinge and was told to contact PG which I did.I was asked all sorts of questions and they will now be sending me a voucher to cover the cost of my naff purchases.I am delighted they try to make amends so it’s worth having a moan.

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