Record Store Day

Today is Record Store Day! What?! Yes, Record Store Day. If this would be an official holiday it would most certainly be my favorite holiday of the year. Today is the day where we celebrate the existence of independent record stores that go beyond the main stream. Think: indie bands, lots of vinyl and instore performances! WOOT!


Started in 2007, Record Store Day celebrates the uniqueness of independently owned record stores. It all started in the US, but it slowly spread to other countries. The day features artists and record stores coming together to promote and portray the authentic record store experience. As a true music junky, there is nothing more exciting than going to record stores and browse through the goods. I spent many hours browsing through shelves and stacks in stores right here in my home town, but also when traveling.

By now, Record Store Day is pretty much a global music festival. There are special and limited releases that are only available today as well as instore performances by artists. My local records stores both opened their doors at 8 AM and will be open till 10 PM. So I will surely pay at least one of them a visit. Some of the performances listed for Leiden are: Alamo Race Track, Kraak en Smaak and Tim Knol.

If you love music, then make sure you head to your local record store today! For all events, special releases and check these websites.

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