These are a few of my favorite things…

There is this tag going round on youtube where people show 50 random things that are lying around in their room. Now I don’t have to time to record a video and edit it, so I thought I’d turn it into picture posts. So here are 5 random things that are lying around my room.

Scented candles by Sissy Boy in Mirre & Wood.

Harry Potter books. With the final movie coming up I’ve decided to re-read all of the books. Am at the second one now.

Fuzzy socks

African woodcarving depicting Maria

(this was a gift from a great uncle who used to live in Africa)

MIEP! The only doll I ever cared about. The dress she’s wearing was worn by yours truly once upon a very very long time and was made by my godmother.

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  1. AWildDog says:

    Is it supposed to be 50 or 5?

  2. indiequeen84 says:

    ^^ It should be 50 in the end. But one post with 50 items is a bit much if you ask me. So I’m chopping it up in multiple posts!

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