Song Challenge 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry

I’m not an angry person, I’m a pretty happy person by nature. However, there are a few ‘angry’ songs that have made its way into my playlist.

Blue October – Weight of the World

Chasing Shadows – Ill

Editors – Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

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  1. Noelle says:

    I’m not angry a lot either, but I found that there’s one song I always go back to when I feel angry, sad, upset or anything negative: “Close My Eyes” by the Backstreet Boys. I’ve loved that song ever since I broke out of my abusive relationship with my ex. The song really helped me get away from it and to feel OK with myself and it made me realize that I am the only one who can make myself happy again. So I guess that kind stuck with me.

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