60s Beat Music

The 60s marked the beginning of pop culture as we know it. With artists becoming living gods and the teenage generation becoming more important than ever. Of course, all of this was already outlined in the 50s, but in the 60s bands and artists started to write their own music more often, enabling a musical revolution. One type of very typical 60s music is beat music.

The most famous beat music group is known by pretty much everyone: it’s The Beatles (at least their stuff from the early days). However, the popularity of The Beatles let to many other groups sprouting out of the ground. Even though most of them rode the wave of success created by The Beatles, it doesn’t mean that their music wasn’t good. Lately, I’ve found myself listening to these type of songs quite often. They put a smile on my face and are fully of happy go lucky lyrics.

Some lesser known bands from the 60s that have dwindled away into semi-obscurity:


Bread & Butter (this song reminds me of the Sesame Street tune!)

Everything’s Alright

Applejacks – Tell me When:

The Castaways – Liar Liar:

The Grassroots – Things I Should Have Said:

And then there’s also these:

The Knickerboxers – Lies

The Honeycombs – Have I the Right

OutSider – Time Won’t Let Me

The Rockin’ Berries – What in the World’s Come Over You

The Ivy League – Tossing & Turning

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