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On Sunday evening I went to see Warpaint live in concert. I had known their song Undertow for some time and bought their album The Fool not too long ago. When I decided to go to a few concerts again a few weeks ago and saw there were still tickets to this show, I didn’t hesitate to buy a ticket to see them live.

Warpaint is an all girl group from California who make dreamy and sometimes dark indie pop songs. It is very much goosebumps worthy and for some reason I find their music very soothing. I’m guessing it’s the lazy bass lines and tinkering guitar riffs that are causing that effect on me.

When you already like their albums then they definitely won’t let you down live. They seemed to need to get the hang of it for the first song or two, but as soon as they heard the crowd’s response they all loosened up quite quickly and had genuine fun playing. Unfortunately I lost track of which songs they played, as I couldn’t read the setlist. I did recognize plenty of songs though and I also took some video. I do know that they played pretty much every track from The Fool, opening with Set Your Arms Down and continuing with Warpaint.

The setlist was rather short (around 12 songs) and already half way through they played their best known song: Undertow. This song pretty much constitutes their sound, with 3 of the girls on vocals creating some nice harmonies as well as a nice little drum solo at the end by the drummer. There is definitely something summery and surfy about this song. It just has that lazy I-just-went-to-the-beach-and-I’m-feeling-drowsy vibe to it.

Not long after that they played a song, dragged it out into a 10 minute live jam session and then left the stage to come back a few minutes later. But first only the main singer stepped on stage, to sing Baby, silencing everyone in the crowd. You could literally hear a pin drop which made for a magical moment.

They ended the setlist with a track of which I do not know the title and even listening to all the songs on their albums isn’t helping me to find out the title of this song. All I know is that it was amazing and definitely a bit more edgy and a bit darker than most of their songs. Stretching the song out for almost 20 minutes (the drummer at one point thought they were about to quit, but then they kept going anyway) this also turned into a spectacular (yet sustained) jam session with a nice light show to match. For me, at the final track it just all came together and I managed to get the first 10 minutes of it on video.

Warpaint is definitely a band to watch out for and if you can catch them live anywhere near you, you should definitely check them out.

* Unfortunately my Blackberry isn’t very good at recording audio, but you can get the idea nonetheless. Just listen to it with headphones. *

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