Primark Haul + some nail polish

Since it’s vacation and I still had some money left from my birthday, I decided it was time for some shopping. It had been a while since I last visited Primark, so I decided to go there. I got up early because shopping at Primark means you need a strategy in order to battle the crowds. My strategy is to get there first thing in the morning when the store opens at 9 AM. By the time most people arrive I was already at the counter paying for my stuff and I could browse the store to my heart’s content without being bothered by others. Here’s what I got:


Of course I can’t go to Primark without buying a pair of shoes! And when I saw these I fell in love instantly. I wanted a pair of grey brogues and I love how these also have some brown, making them much more versatile.


Small creme bag and a larger school bag type bag. Both bags have cross body straps.


Bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses and a belt

Racer back top with cherry print

How cute is that?

Light grey/ beige t-shirt with lady bug print

Not too many clothes as you can see, but then again, I’m not a fan of Primark clothing. Their accessories, bags and shoes are what draws me there. But that is not all I got. On my way back home I stopped by a local drugstore because I knew they had a discount on some of my favorite nail polishes. I picked up two colors:

Catrice nail polishes in Purpelized and Iron Mermaiden

As you can see, not the biggest of hauls, but a fair amount of stuff nonetheless. I don’t want to buy too much right now, as I’ll be going to Dublin in 1,5 weeks time and I want to do my major shopping over there.

Q: What your last purchased item?

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  1. Oh I saw those shoes in white on another blog, loved those!! My last purchased item… I think that has to be my Benefit Get Even powder, Sephora eyeliner, a Chanel lipstick and a Sephora blush. Not going to buy anything until like the 13th of next month!

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