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As you have seen on this blog, I have started creating some more elaborate nail looks. This is all made possible by a few purchases that I recently made on Ebay.

I had decided on trying some nail art a while ago. The only problem was that I didn’t have the tools. I knew I’d need something to make stripes and dots mostly, something you can’t do with a regular nail polish brush. However, I didn’t feel like buying a gazillion different liner nail polishes on top of all the different colors I already have. I thought it much easier to just buy the brushes and use the nail polishes I already have.

A quick search on Ebay had me finding just what I needed: liner brushes, paint brushes and nail dotting tools. I ordered away and received everything in good order a few weeks ago. The best part: all those things together cost me less than one bottle of nail polish with a special liner brush. In total it cost me less than 5 euros! Including shipping! Here’s what I got:

Paint brushes

Liner brushes

Nail dotting tools

These all came in sets. The brushes came in a set of six, the dotting tools in a set of five. I haven’t tried the liner brushes yet as those tips are very long and my nails are very tiny and I can just foresee accidents happening with them. The other brushes and dotting tools work perfectly. And all that for under 5 euros! Me is a happy bunny! Here’s a close up of what the tips look like:

Close up of tips

Q: What do you use to create nail art?

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  1. @ Noelle: voor mij doen de foto’s het wel… Zelfs op een andere computer… Misschien een glitsch geweest van WordPress?

    @ Mandy: ja echt super fijn. 10x beter dan allemaal verschillende liners kopen.

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