How do I stay focused

With a busy life like mine, you have to stay focus. You lose focus and things will not work out. It’s not only important to focus on what you have to do and when, but it’s also important to focus on the task at hand. Here’s how I organize my busy life and stay focused!

1.) Agenda, notebooks, post its

I keep an agenda, a notebook and I use post its to keep track of what I’m doing. Appointments, classes, meetings etc. are in my agenda. Ideas for blogs are in a notebook and to do lists, wish lists and things like that are on post its as I can throw them out the minute I’m done with them. My agenda is by Moleskin and I love it! One page has the week and the page facing it has lines. That way I can write down my work and uni schedules on the right and my appointments and meetings on the left. Works like a charm!

2.) Switch off your phone

Not entirely, but switching off the sound of your phone will help to keep you sane. That way you can check your phone for messages when you want to and you cannot be disturbed by messages popping up all the time when you’re trying to do something that requires all of your attention. You can only stay focused when you stay in charge of your processes for work, studying etc. If you’re disturbed too much you will not be able to get anything done. This works for me anyway.

3.) Listen to music

I don’t know about you, but I can focus a lot better while listening to music. I simply need something that will eliminate other sounds when I’m trying to work or study. I live right in the city center, which means it’s always noisy and I also like it on trains: it allows me to cancel out people’s conversations and I can really relax. I even brought my own set of headphones to work so I can use it when I’m at my desk. Working with 7 other people in one office is all fine by me, but when I’m reading articles, grading papers or w/e, I need to be able to focus on just that.

4.) Stay hydrated, well fed and well rested

This could very well be the most important: eat right, drink enough fluids and get plenty of sleep. I have experience with writing papers and studying for tests on a sugar rush, but it is only effective for a short time. Another thing is that you shouldn’t forget to eat or drink. I used to when I was busy. But now, I always try to take an actual lunch break at work, away from my computer. It’s a great moment to socialize with others and do something completely different for a little while. And sleep. Sleep is my holy grail. If I don’t sleep right everything just seems to go wrong: I forget things, am easily distracted and I get extremely cranky.

5.) Relax

If you want to stay focused, you should take enough moments where you can just chill and do nothing. There is nothing more deadly to focus than stress. Stress will make you rush, give you a feeling of unrest and this will effect the time and effort you are willing to put into your daily tasks. So take your time and do nothing from time to time, or at least do something completely different. Something that makes you recharge your battery and help you not think about whatever it is that you’re doing. I have a few ways to relax but I will write a post about that some time in the near future.

Q: How do you stay focused?

7 responses to “How do I stay focused”

  1. Half of the time I don’t really… I get distracted and start doing something else. But good thing is that I knów that, so most of the time I start on time with things so that I have time to space off as well (okay, sometimes I don’t start on time but I give myself bonus time and just hand in things a little too late.. cuz better too late then never!)

    Good thing I only have to focus when doing school stuff. Most of the other things I can do without much focus (okay work requires some, but not half as much as school!)

  2. I stay focused by setting small goals. I like thinking of the life I want when I’m done studying but it is also good to remind yourself of the feeling you get when you finish your work. It also helps when u have something to look forward to. Other things I need to stay focused: to study, I can use music but when I’m making assignments I need complete silence.

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