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One of my favorite American stores that is finally setting foot on European soil is Victoria’s Secret. I was introduced to this brand when I lived in the States in 2005 and I’ve been swearing by their products ever since. So much so, that I am even willing to pay outrageous shipping costs when put in an online order. Just recently VS opened a store on the Dutch airport Schiphol. However there are two downsides: they only sell beauty products and you have to go through customs to get there. Here’s why I love the store and some of my favorite products.

The best way of shopping at Vic’s Secret is to go to an actual store. For that you’ll have to pay a visit to either the US or Canada, but it will be well worth it. First of all, the stores have great service: there are plenty of people walking around to help you and if you’re unsure of your size you can just ask and they’ll help you with that as well. One thing I really like is that once they know your size, they have these drawers with all the different styles in basic colors in your size. This way you can try on all the bras and find the style you like and at the same time you are ensured that the bras you find in the store haven’t been tried on by millions of people. Win-win situation!

Apart from the great service they also have plenty of products to choose from. They don’t just sell lingerie, but also sweat pants, pjs, beauty products and online they even sell regular clothes. And when it comes to the lingerie, they also have plenty of styles that will suit any type of woman. They have bras that will fit whether you are well endowed, or whether you are lacking in that department. But also when you want something to surprise your boyfriend or just a comfy t-shirt bra that you can wear on a daily basis.

My favorite bras are their Biofit uplift demi bras, the Body Ipex full coverage bras and the Perfect One. The best part about their bras is that they have invisible lace bras: lace bras that won’t show up underneath a tight shirt. Another plus is that they make bras that are sturdy enough to support even quite heavy breasts like mine, and yet they don’t look like something your grandma would wear. They are longlasting, if taking care of properly and are thus worth the investment.

I can’t wait to go to the US again and get me some more bras and to finally try their beauty products. One tip: if you’re in Europe and want to order online, shopping the semi-annual sale is a good time to get some great deals. Just keep in mind that shipping can run up to nearly 40 dollars and you will have to pay for customs as well. So make sure your bank account is well stocked before you order!

Q: Have you ever bought anything from Victoria’s Secret? Would you like to?

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  1. ninaleecherryambition Avatar

    I used to buy a LOT of Victoria’s Secret when I was working, and not just the underwear & bras. I mostly bought a lot of tops from them, but I have some sweats & loungewear/pajamas from them as well. I can’t wear their pants or jeans because they’re made for people taller than me. I need pants with an inseam of 28 or 29, and theirs start at 30. Too long for me. But their leggings I can wear because they come in smaller inseams…

    OMG, I wrote a book! LOL, just answering the question– yes, I have bought VS stuff, and once I’m working again I want to buy more. I love their clothes…

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I want to buy the whole store when I’m at VS. But unfortunately there isn’t one close by. I want to visit the US again next year so I’m definitely going to stock up then!

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