Some new nail polish: walking in a GLITTER wonderland

I’m always looking for new nail polish to try out and especially when it’s cheap I’m always curious to see what it does. I bought these polishes in a 2 for €5 euro deal at my local budget store. Glitter nail polishes are difficult to get right: they usually take a gazillion layers before they cover all of your nail and so it is hard to achieve the look you see in the bottle. Not with these lovelies though! Let’s have a look shall we?

I took this pictures with my phone as it photographs nicely when using flash, at least much nicer than with my trusty point and shoot. As you can tell these all look super glittery.You can see the colors better on the picture below:

There’s a glittery green with multicolored (gold/ yellow & blue) on the left. Followed by fuchsia, blue, dusty rose and purple with pink, red and blue sparkles. All the way on the right is a bright turquoise color which is easily my favorite. Let’s have a look at some swatches shall we:

Turquoise, Green with multicolored glitter, Blue,

Purple with multicolored glitter, fuchsia and dusty rose.

Look how gorgeous?! And this is only 2 coats of each polish. For a glitter nail polish that is some amazing coverage. With most other glitter polishes you only get this result after 3 – 4 sometimes even 5 coats. Dare I say I’m impressed? Yup I am. Only down side is that the polish is on the thick side and quite goopy, but I’m guessing that’s why you get them this opaque.

These retail at your local Op = Op voordeelwinkel (or likeminded stores). The brand is W7 and they are 2.75 each or 2 for 5 euros.

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  1. Oh those look so pretty and I think we have that brand here too.

    BTW, I know I haven’t been leaving replies but I have been reading your blog on my BB when I wake up, or on the way to work. It’s almost part of my morning routine!

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