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You will never find me working out on a treadmill or anything like that. I have tried it, did some elliptical and rowing machines but as enthusiastic as I might be about it for about a week, that’s how much I hate it later on. Regular gym routines are not for me, which is why I prefer taking group classes and those classes are always filled with great music. Add on my dance classes and you get the perfect mix for some great work out tunes. Here are my favorites!

First of all, not all work out music has to come with amazingly thumping beats, you can also go for more chill out songs. Something like this:

Life Orchestra – Blind Faith:

I find this song super relaxing. It’s also from my Body Balance class and great for a cooling down or stretching. Next up is this song by Simian Mobile Disco:

Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation

This song I think has the perfect build up and, if you just let the music guide you, you will find yourself work harder as you go along. At least that’s what it does for me!

As you all know I also love to dance and I have a few current favorites for that as well. These songs just make me want to get moving and dance around my room.

Lady Gaga – Marry the Night:

Britney Spears – Up N’ Down:

Rihanna – Where Have you Been:

I also very much enjoy my Body Combat classes. These songs are not to be taken lightly and the routines often feature plenty of punches and kicks. Here are two of my favorite songs from the current release:

Lord of the Rings/ Hava Naquila:

Hixxy & Technocore – Don’t Need:

Last but not least: my favorite Body Combat song EVER. It’s long and it makes you super tired, but it’s very rewarding.

Excalibur 2000:

Anyone have any additions? What are your favorite work out songs? Or maybe you just have a song that makes you want to dance? Share it in the comments below.

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  1. Nathalie Avatar

    haha grappige nummer heb je uitgezocht, echte workout songs idd! x

  2. indiequeen84 Avatar

    Dankjewel! Ik hou enorm van dit soort nummers. Daar krijg ik zoveel energie van.

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