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Just the other day I realized that it has been a while since I posted pictures of part of my make up collection. Today, we are moving on to my favorite make up product: eye shadows. Since I have quite a few eye shadows (I have so many that I do not want to count) I will cut this up into sections. Right now, I’ll be showing you my MAC eyeshadow palette including some swatches.

My MAC eyeshadow palette

When I first found out about the amazing color selection that MAC has, I immediately knew that I would want to get enough colors (and then some) to easily fill up one of their pro palettes. So I immediately went with that. Rather than buying the eyeshadows in a ready made container, I bought the pan form. Not only is it cheaper per eye shadow, it is also easier to store this than 10 different eye shadow containers. This is what the interior looks like:

As you can see I popped out the insert. There are several youtube videos out there showing you how to do this. When you take out the insert, your palette will hold 26 instead of 15 eye shadows. It does make the palette unsuitable for traveling as your shadows can now shift around, but since I just keep this at home most of the time, it suits me just fine. I put a colored piece of paper on the inside of the lid so I wouldn’t have to stick the stickers on the lid itself. The stickers list the names of the shadows. I like keeping an overview of what I have.

Now let’s have a look at the shadows up close:


Top: Swish (frost) & Paradisco (frost)

Bottom: Expensive pink (veluxe pearl) & Sushi flower (satin)

Neutrals 1 & Greens 1

Top: Arena (satin) & Jest (frost)

Bottom: Lucky Green (veluxe pearl) & Humid (frost)

Neutrals 2, Greens 2 & Browns 1

Top: Naked Lunch (frost), Nylon (frost), Dazzle Light (veluxe pearl)

Bottom: Green Smoke (lustre) & Amber lights (frost)


Top: Shale (frost), Blackberry (matte), Sketch (velvet)

Bottom: Yoghurt (matte), Star Violet (veluxe pearl), Cranberry (frost)

Browns 2

Coppering (veluxe pearl), Antiqued (veluxe pearl), Satin Taupe (frost)

Browns 3

Top: Mulch (velvet) & Woodwinked (veluxe pearl)

Bottom: Retro Speck (lustre) & Vanilla (velvet)

As you can see I have categorized the shadows by color, but also by highlight color. My main highlight colors in this palette are Yoghurt, Vanilla and Dazzle Light. Vanilla goes nicely with greens and browns, while Yoghurt goes better with pinks and purples. The top row is devoted to overall lid colors and Dazzle Light is a great inner corner highlight. The rest of the colors are a mixture of bright, light and dark shades so I can work with several colors in a similar color range to create complete eyelooks.

My favorite colors in the palette: humid, star violet, woodwinked, mulch and paradisco. Why? Well you’ll know as soon as you see swatches.

Top row: swish, paradisco, arena, jest, naked lunch, nylon, dazzle light

As you can see these colors are all quite light or on the sheer side. They make for some great overall lid colors as they are too shimmery for my taste to be used as a highlight.

Second row: expensive pink, sushi flower, lucky green, humid, green smoke, amber lights

Colors! The only color in this row that takes some time to build up is Green Smoke, but that is also a lustre, and lustres are notorious for being sheer and a bit more difficult to work with.

Third row: shale, blackberry, sketch, coppering, antiqued, mulch, woodwinked

Coppering looks more orange on the swatch but that’s my camera for you. In real life it’s more red and a perfect match with Antiqued. Mulch is a great dark brown and Sketch is perfect for a plum/ purple smokey eye.

Bottom row: yoghurt, star violet, cranberry, satin taupe, retrospeck, vanilla

I swear to God that I swatched Vanilla, but you can hardly see anything. Anyway, star violet really pops up and I just love that color. There’s purple, a hint of pink and even a bit of red in it. Cranberry looks more red on the picture, but it has a very nice purple sheen to it in real life.

So there you have it, my MAC eyeshadow palette. Now don’t go thinking that I bought all of this in one go. It took me almost 1,5 years to fill it up. This is not something you collect overnight and there are so many colors to choose from. If you feel the offer of different shades is daunting, have a look at MAC’s American website. They list all the colors available and you can look up which colors you like. That’s what I did!

Do you have any MAC eye shadows?

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