Current Favorite Songs January 2012

It’s been A-G-E-S since I last wrote a blog on my current favorite songs. The main reason for it being that I hadn’t been able to sort through my newly downloaded songs due to time constraints. Sure I wrote about a few bits and bobs here and there, but I hadn’t gone over my trusty BIRP for a while. So during my vacation I finally had the time to go through all playlists since September and by now I’ve given my selection quite a good listen. Now, since some of these songs go back nearly 6 months, they are not necessarily new, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it right now. So here we go: my 10 current favorite songs.

Anyone have any new music they are into right now? What have you been listening to? Please leave a comment below!

In no particular order:

Evenings – Lo Vélo

Neon Indian – Polish Girl

Class Actress – Weekend

Purity Ring – Ungirthed (also check out their song Lofticries!)

Locas in Love – Bushaltestelle

Listen to this song here:

NewVillager – Black Rain

Braids – Same Mum (Ghibli’s In-House Love Affair Remix)

Com Truise – Sundriped

Poor Spirits – Precious Metals

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