Last round of sale shopping

Sale usually goes in cycles. Reductions go down more and more as the sale progresses and usually more styles (read: out of season styles, last items) will be added the closer you get to the end of the sale period. So when I had to run some errands yesterday, I not only got what I needed, but I also visited a bunch of stores I usually don’t frequent. It’s stores I only go to when it’s sale time because I usually find them too expensive. However, during final sales I usually find some good deals there. Here’s what I bought.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Gift Set

This is from TBS’s latest White Musk line. I loved this fragrance and bought a shower gel pretty much right after it came out. Then I liked it so much that I also wanted to get the perfume. However, at almost 30 euros for a tiny bottle I decided against it. That is, until I found this gift set on the TBS website. It was now 50% off and because I had an extra discount code for free shipping, an extra 20% off AND my TBS membership discount of 10% this gift set ended up costing me 10 euros! And it comes with another shower gel, which bought separately costs more than that. Good deal if you ask me.

Toothbrush Oral B Indicator (Op=Op Voordeelshop)

Now the reason why I set out shopping in the first place: a new toothbrush! I use an electric toothbrush only once a day, as my gums don’t like electric when used twice a day. So that’s why I use these simple straightforward toothbrushes in the morning. I bought this 3 pack at a local discount store where they sell cosmetics for cheap when you buy them in bulk. This pack cost €2.75.

Labello (Nivea) Sensitive Protect & Purol Bees Wax lip balms (Op=Op Voordeelshop)

The discount place also sells a bunch of lipbalms not readily available on the Dutch market and so I always find a few that I would like to try. The Purol one brings back memories of child hood because it smells just like the Purol cream I used to rub on some eczema that I had when I was 10. These were part of a 3 for €5 deal, but the other thing I bought as part of it was a pack of tampons. Not very appropriate to picture on a blog methinks.

Dr. van der Hoog Face Masks (Op=Op Voordeelshop)

Possibly my favorite brand for facial masks is Dr. van der Hoog. This brand just recently relaunched all of their products with new packaging so my discount store now sells the remaining old stock for cheap. I have yet to try the dead sea face mask, but the peach and chocolate ones I’ve tried before and I really liked those. 3 for €4.

Embellished cross necklace & rhine stone ring (Six)

One place that usually has a great final sale round is Six which is a store for accessories. All jewelry was €1 and all winter textiles (hats, scarves, gloves) were €3. The minute I saw the cross I loved it and I don’t have any jewelry with any sort of major bling going on and I thought this was a great piece. I love the detailing on this. So yes, I paid €2 for both the necklace and the ring.

Dark gray denim shirt (ICHI – Men at Work)

Men at Work is one of those stores that I like, but that I usually deem too expensive. It’s filled with brand clothes which is why. This shirt is long and baggy, but it looked very cool on. I love how it’s not your standard blue denim shirt. The gray gives it more of an edge. This will look great with leggings and heels or tucked into black jeans with some boots. If I pair it with my spare leather jacket I’ll totally have that grungy feel going on. Price tag: €19.95.

Highwaisted denim jeans (Object – VILA)

These jeans are the best ever! I finally found a pair of long pants that are highwaisted. I have been wanting a pair for a while, but I always thought they were too expensive at full price. These pants were super comfy when I tried them on. They fit like a pair of highwaisted chinos but they are made of denim, not linen. Only thing is that I think they are supposed to be capris or ankle huggers, but on me they look like regular narrow leg jeans. The inseam is 32″ and that’s usually too long on me, but now they hit me just right. Price: €30.

Petrol highwaisted chinos with paperbag waist (VILA)

As an extra bonus I did not find one, but TWO pairs of highwaisted pants. They are chinos, but a bit thicker as they are for winter. I think the petrol color is very pretty and it makes the pants versatile as it’s neither green nor blue. I rolled up the pant legs as it was of course way too long, but with these kinds of pants that is no problem. I think these will look great with my tan brogues. Price: free! I bought these together with the jeans and the store was having a buy one get one free offer.

So there you have it my final round of sale shopping. Make sure to also check out my other rounds of sale shopping from this season: here, here and here.

Where/ When do you find the best deals? Let me know in the comments.

5 responses to “Last round of sale shopping”

  1. 10 Euros for that gift set is a steal! They just released that in Australia and it is lovely but we never have Body Shop Sales here. 🙁

    Have you heard about the Valentines Day Beauty Blog Swap? We have quite a few international bloggers on board and it would be great to have you. More detail on the blog if you are interested! 🙂

  2. I brought White Musk Libertine for my mum for Christmas, it has a hint of a perfume she used to wear (I always remember how my mum used to smell when I was a child for some reason) so I knew she’d like it.
    Bodyshop isn’t as expensive over here (tho it’s not cheap either) but I do quite like most of their scents.

    I went shopping yesterday, so there’ll be a blog soon – in summer here we have some great sales in some shops, tank tops 2 or 3 for £5 (tho I’m picky cus some of them are waaay thin material), other tops and things in some stores are buy one get one free, or buy one get one half price.
    Beauty sales seem to come and go all year and Boots and Superdrug almost alternate on their sales and offers – so I usually see who has an offer on for my deodorant, shampoo, cleanser and all that.

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