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Yesterday I took another trip to The Hague to see my allergy doctor. This time not only to get my shot, but also to find out whether I have an intolerance for gluten. Luckily I don’t and these monthly trips usually entail hitting up some stores that I cannot get to on a regular basis as they are not in my town. I had already spotted some neat blouses on the ZARA website in their spring collection so I had my mind set on going there and just couldn’t help picking up a few other trinkets on my way there. Scroll down to see my purchases.

Tribal/ Aztec print sweater dress (Bershka)

My first stop actually wasn’t ZARA but Bershka, ZARA’s little sister and I bought a few things there. They still had a sale going on, so I picked up this sweater dress with this very neat Aztec/ Tribal inspired print for 10 euros. With sweater dresses it’s always a bit hit or miss for me. I tried on a different one in the store which looked hideous on me but the same on the hanger as this one. When I tried this one on it fit perfectly. The mannequin makes it look a bit weird at the bottom but you get the general idea. Here’s a close up of the print:

This type of print is going to be pretty hot this year. It already was for autumn, but for spring and summer I’ve been spotting it too. I think the green & purple give this dress just that little extra that makes it perfect for winter, but also spring as the colors can go with that season too.

Mustard yellow/ blue polka dot skater dress (Bershka)

Another dress I found was this mustard colored dress with dark blue velvety polka dots. I wanted to get a dress in this particular cut as it is very flattering when you’ve got a narrow waistline but are bigger at the top and bottom. They also had a black one with stars, but since I already own a few black dress I decided to go with some color instead. This dress was only €6 on sale.

Mustard colored narrow belt with bow detail (Bershka)

The last sale item I found was this mustard colored belt. At only €2.99 and with that incredibly cute bow I couldn’t pass up on it! I will be wearing this as a narrow waist belt.

Sea foam colored button down shirt with balloon hemline (Bershka)

Of course all of the spring collections are in stores by now too and I have to say that all those pastels aren’t really my thing. However, this dark sea foam colored shirt hits everything right on the dot. It is not too fitty as it is meant to be quite baggy looking and the color is spot on. It makes for a nice contrast with my blonde hair and I think it will go nicely with the petrol colored pants I bought last month. This button down shirt cost €15.99.

Mint green sheer polka dot button down (ZARA)

Finally my stuff from ZARA which actually isn’t too much. I had already spotted this very nice minty green color on their webshop last week and so when I went to the store that was what I was looking for. I said before that I don’t like pastels but this is the ONLY pastel color I can pull off without it making me look dead. I had seen several items on their website and tried all of them on. When I put on this shirt it was perfect straight away. Yes, it’s sheer, but it will be perfect over the bustier I bought on sale at H&M for €4. And sheer is another trend that is definitely going to be around this spring. Price: €25.

Cream colored sheer dress shirt with buttons & pussy bow (ZARA)

Another sheer shirt, which again looked amazing on. I love the fact that it has a pussybow AND polkadots. Two of my favorite things put together. Again I intend on wearing this over a bustier or a nude colored tank and possible with highwaisted pants or skirt. This shirt also cost €25. The polka dots up close: cuteness!

MAC Fresh Honey blusher (Naturally collection), Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette

I also bought a few make up items. I’ve been wanting to get a MAC mineralized blush for some time now, but I actually didn’t like the ones they stock in their regular collection as they are quite shimmery. When I heard the mineralized blushes in the limited edition Naturally collection released this Saturday are void of shimmer and super pigmented I had to pick one up. I went with Fresh Honey: a warm peach colored blush that gives just the right amount of glow without making me look like Christmas decoration.

And then quite possibly the most coveted item in this entire haul post: the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. It’s here already. I really thought we’d have to wait a year until it would be released in The Netherlands, but then the palette was spotted in Rotterdam last week and now I found it at Sephora in The Hague. I am so excited!  I will show you the palette in a separate post including swatches. It is too gorgeous not to devote a separate post on it.

So there we go! I had told myself to not buy anything until my London trip, but these are things I would have picked up there anywayz. It will just save me some weight in my suitcase. I can at least take the skater dress, mint colored shirt and the UD Naked 2 palette from my wish list.

Which spring fashion trends are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe?

4 responses to “Shoplog: Zara, Bershka, MAC & Urban Decay”

  1. Karin Avatar

    Ohww krijg meteen zin om te shoppen. Love voor je make up!

  2. indiequeen84 Avatar

    Haha. Ja shoppen is gewoon te leuk! En het UD Naked 2 palette is zooo mooi. Ik denk dat jij die ook wel leuk zal vinden.

  3. Karin Avatar

    Ja wil hem heel graag hebben, echt super mooi! Heb hem voor mn bday gevraagd 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Oh vet! Ik hoop voor je dat je hem krijgt.

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