Amsterdam shoplog: Inglot, MAC, River Island, H&M etc

Yesterday I went shopping in Amsterdam. I hadn’t been there in months. The last time I was there at all was November and I last went shopping there almost 6 months ago. Since yesterday would be the last semi-decent day till who knows when I decided to head out do some shopping. It’s not a massive haul, but I think I got some pretty cool things. Here it goes!

Black patterned wallet (Sasha)

I had decided that I needed a new wallet. My old one just wasn’t very practical. For one it was humongous and secondly money kept falling out. That’s why I wanted to look for something smaller, handier. When I spotted this one at Sasha at half price I knew it would be perfect. It fits all my stuff and is only half the size of my old one, so I’m good to go for a while again.

Short silver/ gold geometrical necklace (H&M)

This season I’m loving all the short chunky necklaces that have been hitting stores. I hadn’t seen this one yet but instantly loved it. This will immediately give an edge to any outfit. I like pairing such a necklace with a clean button down: adds instant spunk!

Short black sweatpants (H&M)

Since spring is happening, my work out pants are all becoming too hot to wear as they are all full length. I do have shorts, but they are well, short. I only wear them with leggings and soon, that will also be too warm to wear in a gym or dance class. I have seen plenty of people wearing longish short sweatpants, though I had never found them. While browsing around H&M, I found these in the men’s section. That’s right: the men’s section. They hit me just above the knee and will be perfect to work out in during the warmer months.

Black & white striped leggings/ pants (River Island)

When I saw these I wasn’t sure what to think. When I put them on they were actually really cool. Like this, they also look like a regular pair of pants, while actually they are thick leggings. They look like pants on as well so I decided to run with it. I think this will look good with a black or white button down, or a brighter colored shirt. Since they’re leggings I could even pair them with a simple black skirt or shorts. Some black biker boots to top it off and it will instantly make any outfit more interesting.

White distressed t-shirt with black studded cross (New Yorker)

Another look I love are distressed t-shirts. Unfortunately I find most of them too sheer to pull it off, but this one is textured enough for it to not look like it has been eaten by mots. I was immediately drawn to it because of the big black cross. And when I saw it was studded, it was just an added bonus. It’s a loose fitting top and I actually wanted it a size smaller, but they had run out. I still bought it because I loved it too much. Boyfriend jeans, this top and black low rise Converse sneakers = perfect laid back outfit.

Sheer black/ grey/ white leopard print button down (H&M Divided)

Amsterdam has roughly 10 different H&Ms and my initial plan was to go into only one. However, I ended up visiting all of them, as I saw this shirt at the first one and decided to not get it. It looked great on, but not being sure when or where I’d wear this, I put it back. Half way through my shopping trip I started regretting that decision and went looking for the shirt everywhere. Finally, in the last H&M I knew they sold the Divided collection I found it again (it had sold out everywhere else). It’s a button down. It’s sheer. It’s got a contrast collar. It’s got leopard print. What’s not to love? (Note: I used to hate leopard print, but I think that in this grey color it looks much classier than in the traditional brownish hue).

Coconut & Mint M&Ms (Eichholtz US & UK Foods)

During my shopping spree I also found a small concession store selling mainly US, UK and Dutch delicatessen. They also sold different types of M&Ms. I had never tried these yet, so decided to pick up a bag of each. I especially liked the minty ones!

H&M nail polish in Peppermint Fusion, MAC Eyeshadow in Patina, Yves Rocher hand cream

I have yet to try H&M nail polish. I had spotted this color online, but it had unfortunately sold out. It’s a very pretty lavender color with a very subtle shimmer to it. Great for spring. At MAC, I didn’t buy that much this time. The only thing high on my wishlist was Patina eyeshadow in pan form. Last time I was there it had sold out so I decided to get it now. I was also in need of new hand cream and Yves Rocher just recently reopened a store in Amsterdam and they had a special discount on several items. This hand cream was one of them.

10 Freedom System eyeshadow palette, square (Inglot)

Now the reason why I really wanted to go to Amsterdam: to buy another Inglot eyeshadow palette filled with matte spring colors. The last time I went shopping in Amsterdam I also paid Inglot a visit and I am still in love with the 5 eyeshadow palette I created at the time. Inglot has some great matte eyeshadows and since I love matte shadows, and since they let you create your own palette, I thought it would be a great combination. There are a few shimmery colors in there (3 in total) but the rest are all matte. They are perfect for spring and together with the palette I already have it is also a great combination. I will make a separate post on the palette in a few days.

So that’s it: my Amsterdam shoplog. As you can tell, it’s not that much, but I still had a great shopping spree. I started at Inglot in the Van Baerlestraat and made my way to the railway station via PC Hooftstraat, 9 straatjes, Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. And can you spot the theme in the clothing items I’ve been buying lately? First I had a haul with only taupes, last week it was brights, and now it’s all black and white. I only realized that when I got home. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will try to make a lookbook/ outfit of the day type thing with some of the stuff I’ve been hauling some time soon.

Enjoy your day and leave a comment below telling me what you think of these items. Would you wear the stripy leggings? How about the leopard shirt?

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