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A few weeks ago, Janske posted a blog where she had randomly posted 10 songs. These 10 songs had been picked by her Ipod while on shuffle and she got quite a few songs that she actually didn’t listen to much at this moment. Currently, I am working my way through the 2888 songs on my phone in alphabetical order. I only listen to music on my phone when I’m on the go and the project has been going on for a little over a month now and I am about 1/3 of the way in. The reason why is because I just want to hear ALL the songs on there at least once. I felt as if I was hearing too many of the same songs as shuffle functions tend to ‘remember’ what was played, making a loop of recurring songs. At home though I still deliver myself to the good will of my shuffle function and here’s the result.

1. Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee

Cheerful indie pop song.

2. Fabian – Dreams to Wishes

This is what I would call an indie dance song.

3. The Gossip – Heavy Cross

What can I say: Beth Ditto for the win! New York punk rock with some pop vibes.

4. Tocotronic – Im Zweifel für den Zweifel

German singer/ songwriter song with the coolest lyrics ever.

5. TV on the Radio – I was a Lover

One of my favorite TV on the Radio songs!

6. Painted Palms – All of Us

Another cheerful indie song.

7. Locas in Love – Bushaltestelle (The Bus Stop Song)

German indie pop. I literally have a handful of German songs in this playlist and my shuffle decides to pick two! Pfff. Love this song though.

8. Mountain Man – Soft Skin

Harmonizing folky female singers. Sort of an a capella vibe. Pretty.

9. The Police – I can’t stand losing you

My fave band when I was 18. Used to listen to them all the time. This is one of my favorites by them.

10. Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up

Ah. Classic R&B. The kind I like best. This makes me want to watch Soul Train videos. Oh and have cocktails. On a beach. Period.

I actually quite like the stuff my shuffle came up with. It nicely reflects my main taste in music: a bit of pop, lots of indie, some oldies with a vibe of rock and dance infused with folk, old loves and new stuff. These songs aren’t necessarily my most played songs or most listened to artists at the moment, but I think that overall this reflects what I like listening to on a daily basis.

I have used my short playlist to do this. This is the playlist I listen to most. It is 1263 songs long at the moment. I also have a full playlist with all MP3s I have (comprising of over 11000 songs), but I think I will save that for another day. That would definitely give an even worse mixture of songs.

Which 10 songs come up when you shuffle your playlist?

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