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So I’ve been using Spotify for a while now and have uploaded all of my playlists as well as added a few that I thought were interesting. I don’t use it all that often, mainly because I don’t like how it is linked to Facebook, that it has adds, and I also don’t like the fact that half the stuff I listen to isn’t even on Spotify. I would love for a service such as Spotify to work perfectly, but again, like most legal solutions to getting music other than buying the CD, it is far from satisfactory. Nevertheless, I have created and collected a few fun playlists that I don’t want to withhold. Therefore I present to you: my Spotify playlists. Just click the headings to see the lists.


Newly Acquired/ Recently Discovered

This playlist consists of all the songs that I have acquired in the past month or so. I clean out this list regularly after listening to the songs for a while. I usually have it up for about 3 – 4 months. After that I will have gotten quite a good listen out of these songs and I will select a few to put in a different playlist (my shortlist) and all the songs are also transported to my full MP3 list. Right now it lists anything from rave, oldschool house, to hiphop and a bunch of indie.

Random Songs

My shortlist. This is where the songs go that get stuck in my head, that I want to listen to even more or that are simply staples for me. Most artists are represented with only one song, but some have multiple in there. Those artists are usually the ones I’m really into right now or just because I like a lot of their music. I clean up this list only 2 – 3 times a year and I listen to this most of the time. This list is on my phone, I have a short cut on my desktop and it is also in Spotify. I guess that if you really would like to know what sort of music I enjoy, you can simply check this out.

Chill Out & Relax

I make some pretty long days and during those days, I love playing some more relaxing music. Now don’t expect this to be all instrumental pan flute music or whatever. Most of these songs are slow or repetitive or have any quality that helps me relax. I often play this list of songs right before going to bed or when trying to wake up in the morning. It helps me unwind, but also to get started.

Get Your Dance On/ Gym List

Finally the shortest list of the bunch. This originally started out as a gym list, but soon turned into my collection of songs to which I had to dance to at dance class at some point or another. I combined it with songs I simply love to dance to or that get me moving. I only listen to this when I’m hyper and want to dance around my room.

If you have any playlists on Spotify, please leave the link in a comment below. I’d love to check out yours. And also, don’t forget to let me know what you think of mine. Thanks!

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