Make up collection: Catrice & Essence eyeshadow

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Catrice & Essence are two very budget friendly make up brands which are available here. I have a bunch of mono eyeshadows from them, which I transferred into a Z-palette as the single packaging took up too much space. Here are the shadows & the swatches:

The palette

The round shadows are by Essence, the square ones by Catrice. These all retail for around €2.00 each.

Clockwise starting left: it’s up to you, olive garden, go all girlie, taupe of the pops (Essence)

Clockwise starting left: metropolitan, hypnotic blue, adorable, party all night, super babe (Essence)

Left to right: Bring me Terracotta, Yes you tan, First copperware party (Catrice, first two are from LEs)

Left to right: In the army now, C’mon chameleon, Top of the cops (Catrice)

Essence top row: It’s up to you, Olive Garden, Metropolitan, Hypnotic Blue, Adorable

Essence bottom row: Go all girlie, Taupe of the Pops, Party all Night, Super Babe

Catrice: Bring me terracotta, Yes you tan, First copperware party, In the army now, C’mon chameleon, Top of the cops.

At less than 2 euros a pop I think they shadows need an honorable mention. My favorites here have to be Taupe of the Pops, Olive Garden and Party All Night by Essence. In fact, Olive Garden is what I’d hoped Green Smoke by MAC would be more like. The Catrice ones are super pigmented as you can see and my favorites have to be Yes you tan, First copperware party and C’mon chameleon. Especially last two are favorites since they are well pigmented and they are duochrome! Apparently C’mon chameleon is a good dupe for MAC’s club!

What’s your favorite eyeshadow by these brands?

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    Leuke kleurtjes ! x

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      Dankjewel! 🙂

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