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A really quick look of the day post, as I came home after a brutal train journey that lasted nearly 4 hours. It left me exhausted and with a headache so I didn’t have much energy to write a more thoughtful post. Luckily for me, I took some pictures of my look and outfit a few days ago, which enables me to put something up here. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Let’s start with the outfit which I was wearing.

  • taupe colored sheer blouse (H&M)
  • denim shorts (H&M)
  • taupe tights (H&M)
  • light brown ankle boots (Van Haren)
  • spike necklace (Topshop)

As you can see, I went with mainly taupe color. Just to break up all those neutral tones, I decided to add my denim shorts. I love those because they are so versatile and with a pair of tights they are perfect for this transitional weather we’ve been having. The blouse is a bit shorter in the front than in the back, which is why I didn’t have to tuck it in. I am wearing a nude colored tank top underneath the shirt to cover up a bit more. The boots are insanely comfortable and have a zipper at the back rather than on the side which gives it a nice touch. I am wearing my hair up because when I wear it down it looks hideous now. It needs a cut and it’s going to get one next week so stay tuned for that!

Close up of the Topshop necklace

The eyelook is very simple. Excuse the smudging but I took these pictures after a long day of work and university so by this time this make up had been on for nearly 10+ hours. I decided to go for a pop of lavender (using my new Inglot palette) to add some color to the otherwise very neutral outfit. I used the three left most shadows in the bottom row of the palette as well as the highlight.

I will try to write a more elaborate post, quite possibly one on second language learning, for tomorrow. If not, it will have to wait till next week, or maybe the week after. Next week is vacation time as it is May break and I am sensing I’m in need of a break. These past weeks were filled with open days, classes, exams, uni assignments, losing a job and finding a new one and I have noticed it has taken its toll. I’ve been feeling quite drained ever since this weekend. So it’s time I rest and focus on all the good stuff that is yet to come. Hope you don’t mind and see you all on the other side!


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    leuke outfit!!

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      Hey dankjewel!

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