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Remember a while ago I wrote a post saying I was done with posting all of my make up collection? Well turns out, I hadn’t. When browsing my computer I found some pictures which I took months ago of a part of my collection that has been ignored. Until now! And what a shame it is, because I think that most of the eye candy of my make up collection is to be found in this part. So without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the larger eyeshadow palettes of my collection.

My large eyeshadow palettes, all stacked together.

I would define ‘large eyeshadow palette’ as an eye shadow palette that contains more than 5 eyeshadows. I have a few more, but those have been granted their own posts, and some of the palettes featured on here have already been graced with more expansive posts. I will therefore not dwell on these too much and just show them and some swatches.

Most of these palettes are high end, but I also have two more budget friendly palettes to show you. To start off, with one of them is the affordable 120 palette:

120 eyeshadow palette (original)

This palette boast 120 different colors of eyeshadow. You can find this in several webstores, as well as ebay. Usually it costs around 20 euros. The reason why I like this palette is that it has a host of colors you won’t necessarily need on a daily basis, as well as some very wearable ones. The texture can be a bit chalky, but especially on the rare chance that I want to use bright orange or ocean blue, I will always have them handy. My favorite shade in the palette is a bright, true red. A difficult color to find in eyeshadow, but my go to color when making autumn/ fall inspire looks.

Dior Cannage Color Collection

I bought this particular palette on the boat or the airport on a trip last year. Of all high end brands, Dior is my favorite and this palette has some amazing shades in it. I wouldn’t necessarily combine them together (a bit too much shimmer if you ask me) but it has an amazing champagne colored highlight, a deep brown, an amazing plum, and a stunning navy.

10 pan Inglot Freedom system eyeshadow palette

This isn’t my only Inglot palette. I also have a smaller one, but I’d decided I wanted a larger palette and one with lighter pastel colors for spring. My favorites here have to be the purple, all three lavender shades, as well as the mint green. You can find a full review including swatches, by clicking here.

Catrice City collection – London

Some time late last year, German budget brand Catrice released a City collection with palettes and nail polish inspired by four major world cities: New York, Berlin, Sydney and London. I went with the London palette as it had the most colors that appealed to me. A nice lavender, as well as as a gorgeous mauve-y color make this palette really cool in my book.

Too Face Naked Eye Palette

I sincerely doubted between getting the Naked or the Natural Eye palette by Too Faced. I bought this one, because I already had so many brown eyeshadows and I needed some grays. This palette is great for a smokey eye for all occasions. I love the taupe colors in this palette as well as the deep charcoal gray.

Urban Decay Deluxe palette

Comes in a purple velvety packaging with a silver sequined front. What’s not to like? Seriously, this palette has a lot going on: from neutrals to brights to a velvety matte black. My favorites here are the golden color in the middle top row. As well as the bright green. I got this a long time ago and it was my first make up purchase off of Ebay.

Urban Decay Sustainable Palette

The UD palette every one always forgets about. It has some gorgeous colors, but it is rather hard to work with some of the colors. The white, purple and baby blue all have super chunky glitter: hello fall out. The other colors (for instance the teal, rose gold YDK and the infamous Half Baked) all glide on as you can expect from UD. The packaging is another hurdle to overcome when you want to use the palette. You have to turn the lid away from the palette to get to the shadows, and it has happened to me quite a few times that I was required to refasten the screw that holds the palette together.

Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette

The minute I saw this palette on American websites, I knew I had to have it. The colors are gorgeous and it’s a very versatile palette. The packaging is gorgeous (purple velvet box and silver embossed cover). I tend to save this palette for special occasions or when I feel like doing something creative. You can read a more elaborate review including swatches by clicking here.

Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes

Yes, I have both the naked palettes. When the second one came out I wasn’t sure whether I should get it. I already had the first one so why the second one too? I read plenty of posts on websites where the two were compared and came to the conclusion that they would be different enough. By now, I find myself using my Naked 2 palette more often than the Naked 1. Cooler toned browns (as well as some of the greys) suit me better. You can read a full review of the Naked 2 palette (including swatches) by clicking this link.


Swatches have been organized in the chronological order in which the palettes were shown above. Each palette has one swatch.

If you’d like to see my other eyeshadow palettes, than please click the following links:

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What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette (you have)? Mine would be the UD 15th anniversary palette.

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